Free Up Your BlackBerry Smartphone Memory

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Enable Content Compression

Content compression does exactly what the name implies, it compresses your content until it’s being used, this is a great way to keep content on your Blackberry yet reduce its size, it will mean the compressed material will take a little longer to open, but in the long run it will speed up your device.

To enable content compression follow these simple steps:

Go To Options

Click On Security

Enable Content Compression

It’s a very simple step but you’ll notice the difference when this option is used with the other tips below.

Remove the BlackBerry Help Application

If you’re reading this article you obviously have access to the Internet, so why keep your BlackBerry Help Application on your device when there are other means to look up tips for your device, besides that Help App is taking up precious system resources. If you’re comfortable enough with your device that you don’t think you need the app then follow this simple Help App removal process.

Visit the “Option” page

Go To “App”

Find the “Help App” and choose to “Delete” it.

Another simple process, yet a useful way to free up your internal memory.

Delete Language Packs

If you don’t plan on putting your device into Spanish or German modes, etc. why have those language packs installed, they serve absolutely no purpose to you and are again taking up memory, to delete these packs simple do the following:

Go to the Application Options screen just as you did with the “Help App” and choose to delete them.

Once again a simple step that frees up memory instantly.

Access Your Contacts with the Lookup Feature

I was surprised last week to learn that many BlackBerry users I know were unaware that many company BIS servers allow for a contact Lookup that accesses their contacts from the server and displays that contacts information (Phone number, email, etc.). If your company offers this feature and you have hundreds of contacts this is a great way to prune/remove your contacts list yet stay completely connected at the same time.

Find out if this feature is available by asking your companies tech team.

Install Apps to Your Memory Card

Even on newer devices with 1 GB or more of memory users can unintentionally slow down their devices by installing apps directly on their devices, if you have a MicroSDHC card that can store increasing amount of files I would suggest installing apps directly to your card. I tell all of my clients to think of their memory cards as “external hard drive” because that’s exactly what they are! Keep your music, movies, work files and other information on your cards and you’ll be saving memory right from the start!

Delete Old Appointments

I once saw a client who had 1100 appointments backlogged in their device, they literally saved every appointment they ever had, more than likely these old appointments won’t mean much to many users, if that’s the case in your calendar option you have the ability to delete old appointments after “x amount of days” set that number to a week or two and you’re old appointments will auto delete for you. It’s not a huge memory saver but every bit helps.

Delete Apps You Don’t Use

When I think of pointless BlackBerry apps I first look to the included game packs, I don’t play them so they get deleted almost the minute I turn on my device. Games are graphic intensive and therefore are rather large in file size, by deleting games and really any other apps you’re not using directly from the app screen you’ll free up your devices memory and as an added bonus you’ll make navigating to apps you actually use a little bit more simple since there are now less icons crowding up your screens.

Delete the BlackBerry Sample Video

Have you even watched the BlackBerry Sample video? Personally I watch those videos in my local carriers store to see the quality of video playback and then I never pay attention to them again, luckily its easy to remove those samples, simple go to “Options” then “Advanced Options” then “Apps” finally highlight the sample video and choose to delete it. Now start saving video files to your memory card and you’ll save a ton of space.

Reset Cookies and Cache Files

I don’t even leave cookies and cache on my PC, so why would I leave those files on my BlackBerry, removing cookies and cache files especially if your a heavy internet user via your device can be a huge memory saver.

To delete these files simply open your Blackberry browser, then push the Menu key and then follow this sequence: Options > Cache Operations and finally choose “Clear History & Clear Cookies.”

This server two great purposes, the first is the memory saved, second is the privacy issue, your cookies are now deleted and you are once again surfing semi-anonymously.

Delete Old Messages

While many of my work emails are important there are others that serve no purpose other than to remind me of daily activities, when those activities are completed I delete them from my device almost immediately, I also delete SMS messages since they tend to be of a personal nature rather than business related. The less messages you have on your device the less memory you’ll be using.


Those are my top ten tips for freeing up memory on BlackBerry Devices. As you can see its easy to free up memory and ultimately allow your device to run faster and to its full potential. If you have any other choices that I overlooked that you think benefits users even more feel free to let me know and I’ll add them to this list.