How To Save Battery Life On Your BlackBerry: 4 Simple Tips For Everyday Use.

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Tip #1 - Activate Only Connections You’re Using

Every connection you make with your Blackberry Smartphone will steal some of your battery juice, for instance Bluetooth connections use approx. 3 times the power of iRda connections, while WiFi will also juice your battery. If you don’t use Bluetooth make sure your Bluetooth option is turned off and if you’re not using WiFi at the moment turn it off as well, the less connections you make the longer your battery will last.

I even go as far as turning off wireless data connections if i’m not using them, nothing will bleed your battery life faster then a data connection that is constantly connecting and disconnecting.

Click on your “Manage Connections” icon to turn off the options your not using, its a simple process that can instantly help your battery life improve.

Tip #2 - Ditch Your Message Notifications

Those long vibrating message notifications followed by loud ringtones are a real battery killer, as is LED flashing alerts. Simply go to your devices “Profile Icon” and change your message options to a more modest short vibe and low volume ringer, the lower the ringer volume the less battery life you end up using. In this case less is more, as in less message notifications means more battery life.

Tip #3 - Reduce Your Backlight

On newer Blackberry devices you can reduce the brightness of your backlight and change the on/off options for the display. This is a simple process simply find your Options icon which looks like a wrench, then click on the Screen option an look for the Backlight brightness option, from there you can change the brightness on your Blackberry display and even change the timeout function time to turn your screen off more quickly.

Sure its another simple process, but its also very effective, especially for heavy users who tend to have their screens on constantly.

Tip #4 - Avoid Power Hungry Apps

I constantly receive questions from readers about battery consumption and I often find that users are using many power hungry apps. Here’s a good rule to follow, if your apps need to stay constantly updated they are going to use more power. For instance your Facebook App may be checking Facebook constantly for updates (or in certain intervals) if that’s the case you’re battery strength will suffer. If you run many programs such as Weather Apps, Stock Ticker Programs and others you’ll destroy your batteries strength extremely quickly. I suggest using programs that allow for user selected updates, such as clicking an “Update Now” button, this ensures your device isn’t in “Always Connected” mode as I like to call it. Having control over what your Blackberry Apps do will save you battery life from the moment you switch over to them.


Those are just a few of the many tips available for saving your batteries lifespan. Basically it’s simple, close connections your not using, don’t use power hungry applications when other less battery heavy apps are available and don’t be overextending with your display and message notifications.

Follow the steps listed above and you’ll be getting a full day of battery use in no time at all.