How to Sync a BlackBerry Storm with a Mac

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What You Need

In order to accomplish the wireless sync process with your Mac you’ll need to download two applications. The first application is used for syncing your calendar and is called Calaboration, while the second program is Google Sync which can be downloaded by pointing your BlackBerry Browser at the link above and downloading the app directly to your device.

The Setup Process

  • To begin you’ll first want to head over to and create an account if you don’t already have one.

  • Next you’ll simply click on the Calaboration link which will open and ask for your Gmail account information, enter the account information you just created or use your current Gmail account and you’ll enter the program.

  • Next you simply need to open the iCal Option and then to the left you’ll notice a regular calendar and your Gmail calendar options.

  • Take the information from the regular calendar and export it to your desktop, after that point import the regular calendar to the Gmail calendar.

  • Double check your work at this point to make sure your info has been copied from your BlackBerry regular calendar to your Gmail calendar.

  • After you verify your Google Calendar sync you’ll want to move your contacts/address book to your Gmail account. In your preferences tab click the “General” tab option, click next to Google and put in your login credentials, now your Mac will sync with your Gmail account every hour creating a virtual live feed.

  • Next you’ll need to point your BlackBerry Browser to the Google Sync link shown in the “What You Need” section above, from that URL your device will sync with Google Sync and thus allow your Mac and Device to share updated information. You’ll want to ensure that your contact options allow for duplicates by enabling that option before you click on the link. Simply download and install the app from that link and enter your username and password for your Gmail account and you’re ready to share your syncing between device and desktop.


Thanks to Google Sync it’s easier than ever to tie your BlackBerry Storm into your Mac. If you want to keep your calendar and contacts in sync simply follow the step-by-step directions above with the programs suggested and you’ll be ready to go in no time at all.


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