QuickPull Makes Performing a Soft Reset on BlackBerry a Cinch

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When Is A Soft Reset Necessary On Your BlackBerry?

The BlackBerry mobile platform is a very stable one. However, there are times when the addition of certain 3rd party applications can utilize a lot of the available memory on a device. Such is referred to as a “memory hog” and can even cause what is commonly referred to as a “memory leak”. Or, there are other times when a particular website or program can cause a BlackBerry device to be stuck in perpetual hourglass mode; that is, when a site is not properly loading or there is some other malfunction in a program, the user will see an hourglass on their BlackBerry screen. While the hourglass will usually go away after several seconds, there are times when it lingers. For each of these issues, a soft reset works well in boosting or restoring memory and in eliminating the hourglass.

A soft reset involves removing the BlackBerry batter for several seconds and then reinserting it. Or a soft reset can be performed by pressing the left Alt key, the right Shift key and the Delete key on a QWERTY keyboard all at the same time. Both methods cause the BlackBerry device to reset itself. However, with time, many tire of these methods for different reasons. Some have complained that multiple battery pulls have caused wear and tear to their battery or, for those who use BlackBerry devices without QWERTY keyboards, the Alt+Shift+Delete option for a reset is not available.

QuickPull Makes It Easy

For this reason, QuickPull, created by Zaveneth Ventures, is a helpful BlackBerry application. QuickPull performs a soft reset without the need to remove the BlackBerry battery or without the need of the Alt+Shift+Delete keys.

The QuickPull application is available as a free download for all BlackBerry devices using an operating system of 4.2 or higher and QuickPull even works on the BlackBerry Storm which, because of its newness and its unique platform, is sometimes left out for software applications compatible with higher operating systems.

While a soft reset is not something that you will need to do too often, QuickPull keeps you prepared for if and when the time ever comes. As we always recommend, before adding QuickPull or any new application to your device, it is a good idea to back your system up using your Desktop Manager first.