Introducing the amAze GPS Application for BlackBerry

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Looking For Another GPS Option For Your BlackBerry?

The BlackBerry mobile platform is an amazing device by itself. That most new BlackBerry platforms offer GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation is a real plus. Having GPS on a BlackBerry eliminates the need to stop for directions and can save the time of looking for directions online just to map out a destination. Many have complained, however, about the native GPS feature on their BlackBerry device being disabled by some carriers forcing the BlackBerry user to then pay an additional fee if they choose to have it enabled. For others who are able to regularly access their native GPS feature without an additional fee, it can still be difficult to follow the GPS directions on a BlackBerry since the directions have to be read, which can be difficult to do while driving (not to mention that it isn’t the safest practice). Enter the amAze application.

amAze Offers An Amazing GPS Solution

Made by LocatioNet Systems, Ltd., amAze transforms your BlackBerry into an awesome navigational device that can get you anywhere you want to go by offering you either visual or voice directions. By using amAze, even when you’re alone in the car, this intense application can verbally guide you to your destination while you keep your eyes on the road. And if you have need to see your location on a map, amAze can show it to you on a rotating map right from your BlackBerry handheld device. amAze also offers aerial photos and covers North America, Europe, Australia and even some parts of Africa and Asia. It can be used with either external bluetooth or internal GPS.

amAze is Free To Download And Use On BlackBerry

Offering many features for your BlackBerry that you have to see to believe, it’s a good idea to visit the amAze website and take a closer look. One of the second most impressive things you’re sure to find on the amAze site is that the application is absolutely free! There is no cost to download the application and you are never charged a subscription fee of any sort to use it.

Find Out What The amAze GPS Application Can Do For You

So, if you’ve been looking for another GPS application for your BlackBerry or if you’re one of the unlucky ones who have suffered through your carrier disabling your native BlackBerry GPS, you definitely want to give amAze a try and find out what it can do for you.