How to Use the BlackBerry Master Control Program

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If More Control Over Your BlackBerry Is What You Desire…

The BlackBerry mobile platform is, as we all know by now, an awesome platform built for high performance users. RIM, the company that makes BlackBerry, equips your device with easy to use native applications, themes and programs which all enhance your productivity and help you stay as organized as possible. And just like your home computers, we are even able to update our BlackBerry operating systems as such upgrades come available just to keep us on the cutting edge of what the BlackBerry mobile platform can do. Even with all that RIM offers on the BlackBerry, however, 3rd party developers consistently create new applications that help make our devices even more productive and they even offer a lot of fun. With so much to choose from, users are regularly active in upgrading, adding, removing and looking for various ways to work their devices even harder. In a word, we like the control that we have over our devices and we are always on the lookout for ways in which we can master new tools. This is why the BlackBerry Master Control Program is the new must have for your device.

What The BlackBerry Master Control Program Can Do For You

By installing the BlackBerry Master Control Program on your device, you are welcoming the option of having total control over your Berry. This program allows you to do a lot of things that just aren’t currently possible on your device or even by using your BlackBerry Desktop Manager. For instance, with the BlackBerry Master Control Program you can install a new operating system without having to uninstall the previous one first. Daily we hear of people who have upgraded their operating systems only to find a glitch in the new system and wanting to roll back to their old one (and sometimes have trouble figuring out how to do so). With the BlackBerry Master Control Program that will no longer be an issue as your previous operating system will remain on your device until you’re sure you want to remove it.

The BlackBerry Master Control Program also allows you to take screen shots of your device (helpful in posting pictures of something new you’ve added or even problems you’re having with your device on various support forums or by email). The BlackBerry Master Control Program also makes it easy to wipe your device and remove a pesky IT Policy that may remain on your device beyond the time it is needed.


The BlackBerry Master Control Program is not recommended for newbies. It’s a little too powerful to play around with if you don’t know what you’re doing. Therefore, it is recommended for use by moderate to advanced users only. Created by sgt-d, the BlackBerry Master Control Program has been in beta for some time and is now officially in its final release phase. Its codename is Suicide and Redemption, so if it sounds a little scary, it’s best you steer clear of it. However, if you’re confident in your BlackBerry skill level, then go ahead and give it a try and enjoy having even more control over your mobile device.