Media Studio for BlackBerry Lets You Watch DVD Movies and Other Media On Your Phone

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BlackBerry Has Come A Long Way

The BlackBerry mobile platform has come a long way from the days when earlier devices were only really good for email. Our modern BlackBerry devices are great organizers and time-savers as they not only perform email functions, but also allow us to communicate via text messages, IM or voice communication. And BlackBerry offers endless hours of web surfing (that is, if you have the right data plan) along with the push email feature that made the device famous. Most recently, the BlackBerry has also become more consumer oriented and now offers outstanding media functionality. For instance, did you know that you can watch full-length DVD movies on your BlackBerry media player? Media Studio helps make this possible as they want you to get maximum enjoyment from your BlackBerry and what better way to do this than have several of your favorite DVD movies stored on your device?

Media Studio

Media Studio, brought to us by Makayama Media, helps convert your favorite DVD movies to a format compatible with your device. Whether you’re far away in a foreign land or enjoying a day at the park, Media Studio turns your handheld into a palm-sized DVD library as a day at the movies can be enjoyed anywhere and at anytime. And not only can you watch any DVD movies of your choosing, but Media Studio also enables you to enjoy recorded television and homemade video content on your BlackBerry mobile device too. Media Studio even converts foreign language movies or movies with subtitles for enjoyment on your BlackBerry.

We Advise Installing a Memory Card First

If you don’t already have one, it’s advisable that you first purchase and install a removable memory card to download your favorite DVD movies to (also good for storing your favorite MP3s and other media that you wouldn’t want hogging all of the available space on your device). Having a 1 GB memory card means that you can store approximately 8 full-length movies or approximately 15 hours of other video content without disturbing any of the available memory on your BlackBerry mobile platform.

Media Studio BlackBerry System Requirements

For now, Media Studio is only available for BlackBerry mobile devices with operating systems of 4.0 through 4.7. So be sure to verify that your device is compatible before purchasing Media Studio to convert DVD movies for your BlackBerry. And, as we always recommend, please remember to back your device up before installing any new application to your mobile device.