List of BIS Sites By BlackBerry Carriers

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If Your BIS Site Isn’t Listed Here, Please Contact Your Carrier:

BlackBerry users fall in to one of two categories. You are either a BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Service) or a BIS user (BlackBerry Internet Service). A BES user has received their BlackBerry mobile device from their workplace and all messages and data are handled on a special enterprise server. On the other hand, a great deal of BlackBerry users have purchased their own devices and fall under the BIS category, meaning that their messages and data are all handled on the BlackBerry Internet server. Both devices operate in most of the same ways, perform most of the same functions and look like every other BlackBerry model of the same type. Subtle differences may exist between the two depending upon which functions a company’s IT Department has disabled for their corporate employees.

BIS users are all given access to their specific carrier’s BIS site. From the BIS site, BlackBerry users are able to manage their individual email accounts by editing outgoing signatures (such as the standard variation of “Sent from my BlackBerry device” that appears on all outgoing email), setting up filters, sending and resending service books and adding or deleting email accounts.

Even though these sites exist for the benefit of controlling and maintaining your BlackBerry device, many BIS users don’t know the correct web address to access their BIS account. Listed below is a collection of BIS sites where, hopefully, you will find the proper one for your carrier:







Non-U.S. Carriers

T-Mobile (UK)

T-Mobile (Australia)

Telus (Canada)

Rogers (Canada)

Bell (Canada)

Vodaphone (UK)

Vodaphone (Greece)

Vodaphone (Germany)

If you do not see your company’s BIS site listed above and it is not listed on your carrier’s main website, you might want try an Internet search or try contacting your carrier directly.

Being armed with the exact location of your carrier’s BIS site and learning how to properly use it can save you a ton of time and aggravation should you ever need to make changes to your BlackBerry email or resend your service books.