How to Set Up Email Filters on Your BlackBerry

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Why Might You Need Email Filters?

If you’re getting a lot of spam, junk email from your favorite stores and restaurants or just a lot of forwards from your retired Uncle Bob who forwards you copies of every joke or inspirational message he receives, then you know that your BlackBerry can occupy a good portion of your time as you filter through all of these messages on any given day. Though we carry a BlackBerry device so that we can stay in touch, there is such a thing as email overkill and, when you start to feel overwhelmed by your BlackBerry messages, it’s probably a good time to set up email filters.

Setting Up Filters On Your Email Server

There are a couple of ways that you can go about setting up email filters. The first one you’re probably already familiar with and that is through the options or settings menu on your email server. The instructions for doing this will vary according to different email providers, but it’s usually a pretty simple and painless process. Of course, for spam messages, you more than likely only have to mark individual messages as SPAM to make sure that future messages from that Sender are filtered into your spam folder. Some spammers may send you messages from multiple addresses within the same domain and, for these messages, it may be necessary to set up filters to block all incoming mail from those domains.

Setting Up Filters On Your BIS Site

While setting up filters on your email server is pretty easy, many servers only allow you a limited amount of filters. Besides, setting up filters on your BIS site is a lot easier and a lot less time-consuming. By simply logging in to your mobile carrier’s BIS site, you can enter multiple email addresses where you do not want mail forwarded to your BlackBerry device. Keep in mind that Uncle Bob’s messages will remain in your inbox when viewing your email on your pc, but his and other messages that you set up filters for will no longer be pushed to your BlackBerry.

A Quick Word On What Else You Can Do While You’re There

As a side note, it’s also from your carrier’s BIS site that you can also edit the “Sent from my BlackBerry smartphone” type message that appears at the end of all of your outgoing messages as well.

Setting up filters on your BlackBerry is a smart decision for anyone who receives large amounts of mail that does not have to be read or responded to right away. Don’t let your messages overwhelm you, just take a few minutes to establish filters and you once again can feel in control of your BlackBerry.