How Can I Separate My Work Email On BlackBerry

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Is Your Work Email Being Buried In Your Personal Messages?

Most BlackBerry users opt to receive mail from all of their work and personal email accounts by BlackBerry. While many people are actually BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) users, meaning that they received their BlackBerry devices from their workplace and their messages are handled on a special server, most companies and IT Departments don’t have an issue with BES users also using their BlackBerry devices for personal email, messaging, data and calls. However, many BES users quickly find that having work email combined with personal email in one location on BlackBerry can be an overwhelming amount of messages, especially when you need to quickly refer to an important work email that is mixed in with all the messages in your default BlackBerry message application. For this reason, Empower has invented an application to help BlackBerry users better organize work and personal email with Empower BES Mailbox.

Empower BES Mailbox To The Rescue

Created by the same company that gave you InstaSpell (read article on InstaSpell here), the Empower BES Mailbox separates all of your BES emails from the rest of your messages. This wonderful tool speeds productivity in that there is no longer a need to sort through a slew of personal email, text messages, PIN messages or even BlackBerry Messenger messages to find the one work-related email you need. Instead, since BES messages are all separated, you now have quick and easy access to work-only email in one location.

How Can You Empower Your Mailbox?

Empower BES is available for a small, one-time fee and is only available for devices using the 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3 operating systems. Using Empower BES Mailbox on a trial basis is available on the Empower website where you can also pay for the full version. Downloading the full version to your device is done by directing your BlackBerry browser to the Empower website where the over the air download can be installed in a matter of minutes.

For less than the cost of a dinner out and in less time than it takes for a commercial break, thanks to Empower you can enjoy a peace of mind in knowing that you’ll never overlook or lose an important work email again due to it being buried in a slew of personal messages that you value receiving on your BlackBerry mobile device.