Play BlackBerry MP3 on Car Stereo Speakers: Learn How to Play Music From Your Blackberry in Your Car Here!

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Yes, You Can

The BlackBerry mobile platform is more than just a mobile phone and more than just a great way to stay organized. The BlackBerry mobile platform is also an awesome media device able to hold a vast library of your favorite mp3 music to keep you entertained for hours on end. If you are like many other BlackBerry users, you have probably already downloaded tons of music on your BlackBerry and, while you are able to enjoy them through your BlackBerry speakers or headphones, you probably desire to also listen to your music playlists while in your car. With today’s technology, this is entirely possible and it’s not complicated at all to set up.

Does Your Car Have A Cassette Tape Deck?

If your car is an older model vehicle that is equipped with a tape deck, then you can listen to music from your BlackBerry playlist by simply using a cassette adapter. This type of adapter connects to your BlackBerry device on one end and looks like a cassette tape on the other end. The cassette side easily slides into the tape deck in your car and, by setting your car stereo to auxiliary mode, you are able to play your mp3 music over your car stereo.

No Cassette Tape Deck? Read On:

However, most car manufacturers are now realizing that people don’t buy cassettes or even music CD’s like they used to. Due to most music being available in mp3 formats downloadable from many music retail and peer sites, most people now purchase, share and listen to music on mp3 players similar to and including the BlackBerry media device. Because of this trend, car manufacturers have made listening to music much more enjoyable by allowing you to play your blackberry mp3s on car stereo speakers by providing special jacks to plug adapters for these devices into. Depending on your BlackBerry device, you may need a 2.5 or a 3.5 adapter, both of which are sold regularly at electronic chains like Radio Shack or Best Buy and can even be found at local Wal-Mart department stores.

Like Your BlackBerry, Your Music Goes Everywhere You Do

The bottom line is that your BlackBerry pretty much goes everywhere that you do and now your music library can too. There’s really no need to invest in or carry additional mp3 players as the music you love can be downloaded to either your BlackBerry mobile device directly on your handheld or on your phone’s memory card (which is most recommended).