How to Blog on Your BlackBerry: Easier Than You Think

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Email Makes Blogging By BlackBerry A Cinch

Blogging, as you well know, is a great form of self-expression, an easy way to share a common interest with others over the Internet and even a great marketing tool for some in business. Many BlackBerry users are also avid bloggers and a few even earn a full or part-time income from blogging. Now, we all know that blogs can be read on a BlackBerry either by using the BlackBerry browser to visit individual blog site or by subscribing to our favorite blogs by RSS feed. However, did you know that you might also update your blog from your BlackBerry mobile phone?

Imagine being on the road and thinking of a great idea or fascinating news that you want to share with your blogging audience. Before owning a BlackBerry, you more than likely had to jot your thoughts down for a later time when you could access a computer or you’d have to find a local business offering Internet access, connect your laptop and blog from that location. However, now, many blog sites are offering you the opportunity to mobile blog from a special email address and publish your thoughts right away. Of course, this all can be done on the BlackBerry mobile platform. After all, email is literally what the BlackBerry was created for.

A Brief Thought On Choosing A Blog Site

Because blog hosting sites vary, it’s important to note that this mobile blogging option may not be available to all bloggers. To find out if you are able to blog from your BlackBerry mobile, please check with the site that hosts your blog to find out if you have the option of submitting content via email or from some other way when you are mobile. Some sites that don’t allow blogging by email still may be updated by using your BlackBerry browser to access the site. However, some blogs can be very difficult, if not impossible to update in this way. For this reason, if you haven’t yet started a blog, it would be a good idea for you to find out about mobile blogging options before settling in at a blogging site.

Blogger Offers A Great Example Of How Easy Mobile Blogging Can Be

One popular, free blogging site that you may want to consider is Blogger. In having a blog on this site, you are able to email blog entries by creating a special Mail to Blogger email address under your settings tab to which you will then email your entries. Although entries are composed and sent via email, they are immediately published to your blog as a regular blog post. If you don’t wish to have them automatically published, be sure to alter your Blogger settings so that all emails sent to your Mail to Blogger email address will be saved as a draft instead.

Blogger also offers other mobile blogging options. If you would like to update your blog with video or photographs, this cannot be done by email, but a separate mobile blogging option does exist for these activities as well. Visit the help menu on the Blogger website for more information.

Start Mobile Blogging On Your BlackBerry Today

Blogger is just one site that BlackBerry owners can use for mobile blogging. For more choices to choose from, read about the best blogging apps for BlackBerry. Now that you know it is possible, take a moment to review the other blog sites and find out if they offer this option as well. Mobile blogging from a BlackBerry can be a fun, interesting, time-saving and even lucrative activity depending on how your blog is set up and what you choose to do with it. Explore this awesome opportunity and enjoy mobile blogging via BlackBerry.