Push Email Keeps BlackBerry At The Top Of The Smartphone Game

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What Makes BlackBerry So Different From The Rest?

Many people have asked what the big deal is about the BlackBerry mobile platform. With so many smartphones competing in the marketplace today, it’s understandable why there is confusion over why the BlackBerry mobile device stands out among the rest. The simple answer to this question is email. Still, with other phones now also offering email capabilities, some folk are still puzzled as to why BlackBerry remains a superior choice, especially among business users. A little exploration into the specifics of encrypted push email helps solve the curiosity of these wondering minds.

BlackBerry Is A Pioneer In Push Email

RIM, the creator of the BlackBerry mobile platform, was also a pioneer of push email by using the Mail User Agent or MUA technology. Push email makes the BlackBerry soar far above other web enabled smartphones as it means that the BlackBerry user is in an “always on” environment. Whenever mail is sent to the user, RIM’s servers immediately pick it up and “push” it to the user’s BlackBerry device. Unless the device is turned off, mails sent to the user appears instantly and, thus, they are never out of reach for business, important clients or friends. Although a few other smartphones are attempting to now offer push email too, their users are forced to use a particular domain (like Yahoo.com) or they must subscribe to a push email service in order to receive them instantly.

BlackBerry Leads In Other Ways Besides Push Email Too

With BlackBerry, however, not only can a user receive encrypted push email instantly, but they can also receive mail from multiple other accounts. For instance, a BlackBerry user can receive mail from her work email account as well as from the two different ecommerce websites she manages on the side. At the same time, she can even receive mail from a couple of personal addresses that she regularly uses. Even if the user has 10 different email accounts, all of them can be pushed directly to her BlackBerry. She also has the option of instantly sending messages from each of these accounts directly from her device as well.

Once messages are delivered to the BlackBerry, the user can access them without having to open any special programs or even the BlackBerry browser. Messages also remain in the user’s main (originating) email account, so there is always the option of deleting mail from the device while still keeping messages safely stored within their actual account.

BlackBerry’s Email Options Are Still Pretty Hard To Beat

Though other mobile platforms are beginning to market options such as “Direct Push” or “polling” (intermittent checks for messages that are eventually pushed when found), none of them can compete with the technology RIM uses to assure that a user is always connected to email. That RIM does so without requiring additional service packs, plug-ins, 3rd party apps, logging onto the web or even attempting to limit to which email servers a user can receive push email from, places them high above the rest. Competitors will undoubtedly continue to appear on the market, but BB has been at the push email game for a long while. BlackBerry is the number one trusted choice for push email among business clients and, while the others struggle for a spot on the landscape, RIM continues to create great business phones and now even great multi-media consumer phones offering the best in push email options.