How to Create a Shortcut or Icon for the BlackBerry Home Screen

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Is It Possible?

BlackBerry users have often asked how they can install a shortcut or icon that will allow them to access their favorite website directly from their BlackBerry home screen. Often, users are told that a shortcut option is not possible. However, thanks to a very smart developer by the name of Jonathan Fisher, we actually can now take a shortcut to our favorite websites by simply clicking on a home screen icon instead of having to launch the BlackBerry browser first.

How to Create a Shortcut or Icon

Creating a shortcut icon for your BlackBerry is pretty easy once you’ve installed the ShortcutHub available over the air on Jonathan’s site:

Be aware, however, that not only will you need to install the ShortcutHub on your BlackBerry first, but you will also have to individually create and install a separate shortcut for each website that you would like to access from your BlackBerry home screen. Even if you don’t have a lot of sites you’d like to create shortcuts to, you have the choice of creating just one or up to six shortcut icons for display on your BlackBerry home screen by using the ShortcutHub.

Installing the ShortcutHub and a minimum of one shortcut takes less than a minute. Once the download process is complete, you will then find that an icon for the ShortcutHub and each website you’re planning on creating a shortcut to has already been added to your home screen. By clicking on the ShortcutHub icon, you can configure each website you would like to have connected to each one of the shortcuts you’ve also downloaded. When you’re done installing all of the icons you’d like featured on your BlackBerry home screen, you can then hide the ShortcutHub icon from view by highlighting it, pressing your menu key and selecting the hide option.

Can I Customize an Icon for My BlackBerry Home Screen?

You can also add your own .png image to appear as an icon or you can go with the image that is provided. However, if you’re not going to add your own image, you may want to erase the “http//” text that appears in the icon field within the ShortcutHub. The ShortcutHub directions don’t say that you have to do this, but I found that, without erasing the text, I had trouble getting the icon to actually work. When I erased the text, the installation worked perfectly.

Just keep in mind that you must install the proper amount of shortcuts that you’ll need before trying to add them within the ShortcutHub and enjoy adding up to six new shortcut icons on your BlackBerry for fast and easy access to your favorite websites.