How to Use BlackBerry as a Modem for Your Laptop

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It never fails. You end up in a location with no internet access right when you have an important email to send. You may not have known this, but your BlackBerry can be used as a wireless modem to allow you to surf the web on your laptop in minutes. How do you set this up?

Setting it Up

Follow the next few steps in order to use your Blackberry as a modem. Please keep in mind that these are basic instructions and more detailed steps may be involved depending upon your laptop’s operating system or even your BlackBerry OS (especially if you are using an older device).

Before you begin, it’s advisable that you check with your carrier for pricing before you connect. Even those with unlimited plans have been shocked to discover that tethering (using your BlackBerry as a modem) isn’t included in unlimited pricing plans.

Also if you are a BES user, you may need to speak to your administrator to inquire about any special settings required.

A Few Simple Steps

You will need to have your BlackBerry Desktop Manager installed and the USB cable that came with your phone. Your Desktop Manager should have come with your phone, but if it didn’t, you can download the latest version for your phone from the BlackBerry website. After installing, check under “modems” in the control panel of your laptop to make sure that the drivers were also properly installed.

Next, add a new connection to the existing Internet connections on your laptop. How you do this will differ from person to person, but do it as you would if you were using a new connection at a coffee shop or some similar location.

With Desktop Manager open, connect your BlackBerry to your laptop using the USB cable and click the connection associated with BlackBerry. You are now online using your BlackBerry as a modem. Remember to check with your carrier if you’re going to be using your phone as a modem frequently as excessive charges may apply if this is not included in your monthly plan.

There you go! This is a simple way to have internet access whenever you need it!