Easy Blackberry Hacks for Finding Your BlackBerry PIN & Personal Info

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Do You Know Your BlackBerry Information?

Have you ever been talking to a fellow BlackBerry user and they’ve asked you for your PIN? Or perhaps the other user wanted to know what version BlackBerry you’re using or what BlackBerry operating system you’re on? Suddenly, your mind goes blank and, with all of the other numbers and information swimming around in your head, you can’t think straight. Or, if you’re anything like me, you never took the time to memorize your BlackBerry PIN, so you’re forced to go to Options and then Status on your BlackBerry menu each time you need to search for the answer. Well, after today, you’ll no longer have to worry about those blank moments nor will you have to recall the menu steps to help you access your BlackBerry’s information.

A Simple Hack For Discovering Your PIN

What is a Blackberry PIN?

Your PIN is your personal identification number and can be used to communicate with other users via PIN messaging. On BlackBerry, PIN messaging is akin to text messaging, but is only available for use with other BlackBerry users and it appears in an eye-catching red font to make it stand out a bit from the rest. When sending a PIN message, you are also allotted a lot more character space to express yourself.

Your PIN is also useful for chatting with another user via BlackBerry Messenger (often referred to as BBM, this is the IM…or instant messaging…program for BlackBerry). Other users will often ask you for this number so that they can engage in private conversations with you over the BlackBerry network, but if you don’t automatically know this number, it can sometimes be an inconvenience to have to stop and hunt for it.

Easy Blackberry Hack for Fast PIN Access:

Now, however, this super easy technique will produce the number for you in no time flat. Simply open a blank email and type the word mypin and press the space key. The number that has now replaced the text is your pin number. You may want to email this to your friends (since you already have the blank email open) or you can just read the number off to your fellow user and then delete the email. The main point is that it’s an easier step to remember for some than having to go into your Options menu to search for the number.

You can also find out your phone’s version in the same way. In the blank email, simply type myver and hit the space key. Your phone’s model and operating system information will be displayed on the screen. Ditto for accessing your telephone number, simply type mynumber and hit the space key and your number will appear on your BlackBerry screen.

These Hacks Are So Easy Even A Newbie Can Use Them!

I have also found these shortcuts useful when I’m speaking with a new BlackBerry user who would like to use their PIN messaging system or their BlackBerry Messenger, but have no clue what their PIN is. I find it’s a lot easier to show a newbie how to discover this information with a blank email than explaining to them the steps of going through the BlackBerry menu (since, after all, emailing is one of the first things people learn to do on a new BlackBerry).

Helpful little Blackberry hacks like this are fun to discover and share with other users.