How to Remove an IT Policy from BlackBerry Phones: Deleting Unwanted IT Policies on Used BlackBerries

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What is an IT Policy?

An IT policy is a way for your company’s administrators to manage certain features and functions on your BlackBerry. Administrators can do things like turning off the camera function and disabling expandable memory. The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution has over 400 IT policies that are frequently updated by BlackBerry Enterprise Server software updates.

The IT policies can be for groups, air enforcement, malware control and comprehensive control over all of the entire BlackBerry Enterprise Solution.

How Delete an IT Policy

There are many different scenarios where you will need to remove the IT Policy for BlackBerry devices. Some people buy their devices used on Ebay or other online auction sites. If the IT Policy is already set when purchasing the phone, you will be limited to whatever specifications that were previously set. Or, if you are able to keep the device after leaving the employment of an organization, you will probably want to remove the restrictions set by the IT administrators.

Follow the steps below to delete the IT Policy from your BlackBerry device. Before doing this, make sure that you are authorized to do so first. Never turn off the IT Policy on a device that still runs on your organization’s network; you may get disconnected and penalized for doing so. Plus, the original settings will just revert once you get back on their network. Also, do not skip any of the following steps if you are removing the IT Policy:

(1) You will need to have the BlackBerry Desktop Manager installed before doing this procedure. If you do not have it, install the Desktop Manager before proceeding with this tutorial. The program is included on the CD that came with the BlackBerry. If you can’t find the CD, download it from

(2) Download and save the file, policy.bin, to your installation directory on your BlackBerry

(3) Perform a backup of your system and Wipe your BlackBerry (do this by selecting Options/Security/Wipe from the device).

(4) Close the Desktop Manager

(5) Select Run from the Windows Start Menu and type in regegit. Navigate to HKEY_Current_Users\Software\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\PolicyManager from the left-side of the screen.

(6) Right click on the Policy Manager Folder and click on New/String Value. Name the new value “Path”.

(7) Double the Path Subkey

(8) Set the value data to C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\policy.bin

(9) Reopen the Desktop Manager

(10) Connect the BlackBerry to the computer

Your BlackBerry Device will not have references for the IT Policy on the Options/Security screen. Remember that you will have to be careful doing this and this procedure is only for BlackBerry devices that you have purchased on your own that have IT policies already attached. These directions are not for trying to install any unauthorized programs on your company-issued device.

Note: Do this procedure at your own risk. The author of this article or website isn’t responsible for any loss of data or corruption to the device.