PageOnce for BlackBerry Review: A Financial Management App and More

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What Can the PageOnce App for BlackBerry Do?

PageOnce is a free application that helps you control different duties right from your BlackBerry. PageOnce refers to itself as a Personal Productivity Assistant. What it does is assists you in organizing virtually everything that you currently do on your BlackBerry. If you don’t believe me on all the things that it does, just look at the list of features that come with it:

· Monitoring of investment and bank account along with credit card transactions

· The ability to monitor and manage frequent flyer miles

· Keep track of your cell phone minutes

· Access travel itineraries

· Keep track of due dates and expiration dates for bills and credit cards

· Watch for fraudulent activity

· Check your queue at Netflix

· Log in to social networking sites, online shopping accounts, PayPal and more…

Why You Should Use It

Now, tell me you can’t use a program like that. I can’t think of anyone I know that would not find PageOnce a huge benefit, and something they have been praying for. The best of all; all of these abilities are in one application that sits right there on your BlackBerry. So, you can have access to all these things no matter where you are.

PageOnce has services with many top institutions such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, Citibank, Delta, United, Southwest, Fidelity, Comcast, LinkedIn, Amazon, AT&T, eBay, Blockbuster, MySpace and Barnes & Noble—just to name a few. You can literally add thousands of more services and sites during the account set up. All of the services are in real time, so you can view any transactions and changes instantly. If a service that you want isn’t listed in their database, all you have to do is request it.

How to Setup PageOnce on a BlackBerry

To set up the services, you will need to use your PC to visit their site at The registration is free. After registration, log into your account and add all of the services you wish to. Once all of this is done, you will need to go on your BlackBerry to download the mobile version. All that needs to be done on the mobile version is add your information from registration (username and password) and set security options. That is it; you are now ready to go.

At this point, the only supported devices are BlackBerry Bold 9000, BlackBerry (7130, 8820, 8800, 8830, 8700c), BlackBerry Peal (8000, 8110, 8120), BlackBerry Curve (8300, 8330) and iPhone. PageOnce allows you to do many things, but you can not change any account information on the BlackBerry. However, this can be done on the PC.