How to View Live Streaming Video on BlackBerry with the Qik App

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What Is Qik?

Qik is now available for several Blackberry models and allows users to share live streaming video with others right from their BlackBerry phones. Qik and Blackberry will, undoubtedly, take social networking to another level as users now officially have the ability to share the world as they see it with others all over the world.

How Does Qik Stream Video?

How it works is simple. Anyone using a 4.5 OS or higher on the Blackberry Pearl (8120 or 8130), the Curve (8320 or 8330) or the new Bold can download the necessary software from Qik’s website and then create a new account to begin streaming live video. Video can be streamed either on Qik’s website or on other popular social networking sites like MySpace. Qik’s website says that live streaming video will be made available for the new Blackberry Flip soon.

There’s Good News And There’s Not So Good News

The good news is that it’s available and Qik is working hard to get the it through the alpha stage and make it a stable app for streaming live video using the Blackberry mobile platform. The not so good news, however, is that a good deal of the comments from Blackberry users on Qik’s website seem to feel that the application isn’t working so well on their phones. It would appear that there are quite a few bugs that Qik has yet to work out, but this is why it’s in the alpha stage to begin with. These things can take some time and a lot of adjustments, especially upon an initial release. However, I did notice that the Qik staff repeatedly left comments on the site that they welcome complaints and have an email address specifically for Blackberry users to send their specific issues so that Qik can work on improving the application.

There were also a number of users who commented that they are using the application with ease, so Qik does seem to work very well for some.

Qik’s Website

On Qik’s website, I took a look at a few of the many recorded and live streaming videos that are already there and was impressed with the fun people seem to be having with this video application. I even spotted a few new Blackberry streaming videos, so there’s further proof that some users are able to utilize Qik with no problems.

Endless Possibilities With Qik On Blackberry

Live streaming video sharing has endless possibilities for the serious user. Moving beyond just sharing video with friends and family, it’s a great business networking tool or even a way for users to hold live meetings with colleagues across the nation. In the spirit of citizen journalism, the Qik application is also a great way to broadcast news live from events as they happen. Basically, if it’s worth sharing, you can now do so live by adding the Qik application to your BlackBerry.