Complete Guide to BlackBerry Security

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There are a lot of things to consider if you want to keep your BlackBerry smartphone secure. Learn all about setting up passwords, wiping your BlackBerry for sale, and guarding against malware and spyware. There are apps and services that allow you to track your device and even remotely wipe the contents in the event that you lose it or it is stolen. We also take a look at safe mode, what to do if you forget your BB password, and how to block calls and texts. You can also use apps to hide contacts and messages from prying eyes. You can even accept secure credit card payments using your BlackBerry.

Get to grips with BlackBerry security today and keep your data safe.

Top Tips to Keep Your BlackBerry Smartphone Safe

Find out how to set a password to protect your BlackBerry should it fall into the wrong hands. Did you know that you can also enable content protection? You should also use encryption for Bluetooth connections and make sure that you wipe your BlackBerry before you sell it.

How to Wipe a BlackBerry

It is vital that you properly wipe your BlackBerry before passing it along when you upgrade. This simple guide will take you through the process and ensure that you back up your important data first so that you don’t lose it.

BlackBerry Protect from RIM

Research In Motion has developed the BlackBerry Protect app as a free option for BB owners that offers some peace of mind. It can help you to backup important data, locate your smartphone if you lose it, and even remotely wipe the device to safeguard sensitive information.

Guard Your BlackBerry Against Viruses and Theft

There are quite a few apps for the BlackBerry that can help you to protect your data. You should also have protection against malware. You’ll also find out about the options and services to locate or even remotely wipe your BlackBerry in case it is stolen.

Best Anti-Virus Apps for BlackBerry

Here’s another round-up of great apps to keep your BlackBerry virus free. Not only can you guard against malware and spyware you can also use apps to track your BlackBerry and possibly recover it if you lose it or it is stolen.

Getting Your BlackBerry to a Safe Place - A Guide to Safe Mode

If you run into trouble with an app that hangs, or worse you get a virus on your BlackBerry, then you’ll want to use safe mode to deal with it. Find out how to enter safe mode on your BB in this guide.

Guide to BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express

Secure management of your email, contacts, calendar, tasks and notes is important to businesses. This package is aimed at small to mid-sized businesses that need a secure solution for managing data and the software is free. Find out more about it.

What to Do if You Forget Your BlackBerry Password

It’s a nightmare scenario but sometimes you may create such a good password that you can’t actually remember it. Fear not! Here’s what to do if you forget your BlackBerry password.

Top Password Managers for BlackBerry Phones

We have to come up with so many different passwords nowadays for so many different devices and services that it can become tough to remember them all. Writing them down is an obvious security risk so consider using a password manager app on your BlackBerry. Provided you don’t forget the one password to get in you’ll never be stuck without the right login information again.

What’s the Best BlackBerry Call Blocker?

Receiving unsolicited calls is deeply irritating and often a waste of your time. You can avoid this problem by installing a good BlackBerry call blocker. From a security point of view it is best to block unknown numbers from sending texts or calling you.

BlackBerry Apps for Hiding Contacts and Messages

For private conversations, and contacts you’d prefer to keep to yourself, it is worth considering an app that can help you to hide contacts and messages. A few top options are examined in this round-up.

Best BlackBerry Tracker Software

Tracker software can allow you to monitor the location of a BlackBerry smartphone and also provide you with information about how it is being used. You’ll be surprised about how much information you can keep tabs on with tracker software installed.

BlackBerry Apps for the Espionage Minded

These apps are similar to the tracker software we just looked at. They allow you to keep a watchful eye on a child, partner or employee. Just make sure you get their approval first and use these apps in a responsible manner.

Best Credit Card Applications for BB

If you need a secure, portable solution for accepting credit card payments then these BlackBerry apps will be of great interest to you.

Is Your Smartphone Safe from Government Security Agencies?

Certain governments kicked up a fuss about the secure nature of BlackBerry communications and the storing of information in Canada. Find out what it was all about and what the implications are for your BB security right here.

If you have any suggestions or tips of your own for managing BlackBerry security then please post a comment.


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