A Collection of Game Apps for Your BlackBerry

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While there are stacks of apps and games for iPhone and Android smartphone users, it’s true to say that there isn’t such a vast selection of great gaming options for BB owners. There are plenty out there though, just not all of them are that good. Let us take the hard work out of discovering the best options for your BlackBerry with this collection of game apps for your BlackBerry.

We’ve broken it down into easy-to-find sections, starting with round-ups of the best games on the BlackBerry platform continuing to more specific (but great) games particular to your BlackBerry model. Other sections also include reviews of some of the more popular gaming options so you can get an in-depth idea of whether certain games are a worthwhile download for you. Puzzles and brain games are ideal on the BlackBerry so these are looked at in detail, but whatever your game tastes there will be plenty for you to play.

Not sure how to access the games or get them installed? No worries, that’s our first stop.

Best of the Best Round-Ups

Generally speaking you are advised to only download your games from the official BlackBerry App World store, although you should be aware that there are other stores out there that offer downloads too.

Once you know how to download the BlackBerry games, you want to start with only the best, so we kick off with some round-ups of the top options. These games cover all your gaming angles; no matter what kind of game you like to play these top ten and top five game round-ups will have something for you and you can rest assured they are simply the best.

Choices Specific to your BlackBerry Model

With so many different BlackBerry models to choose from, it’s true to say that developing games for the platform is not straightforward. Simply put, not all games will play on all BlackBerry models – one look comparing a Torch to a Bold for example will tell you why. A game intended for the large touch screen of the Torch simply wouldn’t work (or would look pretty awful) when played on a BlackBerry with a smaller screen. So this section we concentrate on your best gaming options depending on your particular BlackBerry – the App World does contain information of what models are compatible with the games though.

Playing Mind Games & Puzzles on your BB

Due to the screen size of most BlackBerry smartphones, certain types of games simply do not work well. However, as a device for puzzle and mind games the BlackBerry is an ideal phone to use, and there is no shortage of puzzling options. If you aren’t bothered about what kind of puzzle game to tackle, then begin with our rundown of the top puzzle games. We then consider chess, crossword and Tetris-type games, as well as some of the newer and more unique puzzle games to keep your mind occupied.

The Best Games in Other Genres

Not everyone is into puzzles, and let’s face it, games should be fun and take you into a new world sometimes. So in this final section we take a look at all your other gaming choices in a truly random round-up. Go retro with some Space Invaders, Battleships and board games, or opt for something a little more God-like and run your own empire on your BlackBerry. We’ve thrown in some other top choices to keep your fingers busy too. One thing all these games have in common, is that they are addictive.

What’s your favorite game to keep your thumbs busy when you get a few spare minutes? Do you ever pass your precious phone to your child to keep them occupied for a while – what games keep them quiet? Let us know in the comments section below.