Ultimate BlackBerry Buyer's Guide: Which One is for You?

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While once BlackBerry models pretty much all looked the same, the brand has diversified quite a bit in recent times. Not only do you get the much adored, and traditional neat physical keyboard under the screen, there are now touch screen, slide out keyboards and even flip-phone versions of the BlackBerry available. With so much choice, how on earth do you decide on the best model for you? Let’s take a look at your options in this BlackBerry buyer’s guide.

BlackBerry Reviews Round-Up

Begin by taking a look through the current BlackBerry line-up to see which type of BlackBerry might be the best for you. Take your pick from the BlackBerry Bold, Torch, Style, Storm, or Pearl.

Which is Better - The BlackBerry Bold or the BlackBerry Curve?

If you’ve decided that a traditional type BlackBerry phone is definitely the best option for you, your next step would be to decide which type of BlackBerry fits with your style the best. Here we compare the BlackBerry Bold with the BlackBerry Curve to answer that very question. They both have the traditional QWERTY under the screen, but are different in shape and perform a little differently.

Lighting up a Storm - Is the BlackBerry Torch Better than the BlackBerry Storm?

The BlackBerry Torch created quite a storm when it was released, moving away from the traditional QWERTY under the screen, to an all-in-one touch-screen device with slide-out keyboard – not even looking like a BlackBerry at all. Compared to the Storm which had already tried this route and failed, is either of them worth your cash?

Take a Tour or Go All Curvy - BlackBerry Curve Vs. BlackBerry Tour

The Tour is a tried and trusted model so why would you want to opt for a newer Curve model? Well it’s a little neater in its presentation with a redesigned trackball, but like most other newer models, it is a victim of short battery life.

BlackBerry Torch Vs. All Other BB Models

Don’t trust a BlackBerry phone that doesn’t have that addictive QWERTY? Then the sleek all-touch-screen outfit that is the BlackBerry Torch might not be the best for you – although it does have a slide out keyboard that might keep you happy. Take a look at what it has over all other popular BlackBerry models and make your decision.

The Bold is for Me, But Which One - Bold 2 or Bold 3?

Maybe you already have a Bold 2 and are wondering if you should upgrade to the more recent Bold 3, or maybe you’ve seen a great deal on a BlackBerry Bold 2 and are wondering if the newer Bold 3 model is better. There have been some obvious upgrades in the latest Bolds, but the changes are not huge. The Bold 3 is heavier, but it does contain more memory.

BlackBerry Bold 9650 - A Popular Choice

Find out why the Bold 9650 is such a popular choice with BlackBerry owners. It is light enough to carry around in your pocket, but still retains a satisfying feel in your hand. When most people think of Blackberry, they think of the Bold.

A Bold Return - The BlackBerry Bold 9930 Reviewed

Learn all about the latest Bold to hit the market. Does it offer a major improvement to the line? The hardware has been significantly improved but is that enough? You’ll find out all the details on the design, features and performance in this review.

Take a Look at the Touchscreen BlackBerry Torch

The BlackBerry Torch 9800 has a touch screen rather than the usual physical keyboard that BlackBerry users are used to, but does have the facility of a slide-out keyboard underneath should you need it and still retains a similar look true to the BlackBerry way. It’s a lot more sleek and much slimmer to carry around than any other BlackBerry model, so maybe that’s enough to convince you.

Sleek, Stylish and 3G - The BlackBerry Curve 9300

The Curve not only features nice aesthetics, but is smaller than most other BlackBerry phones too. It’s also known as the Curve 3G and is nice to hold as well as to look at. Read our review to find out about its performance.

BlackBerry Style - a Flip-Phone Smartphone

If you think that the traditional BlackBerry is a bit large for your pocket then the BlackBerry Style might be a better option for you. Of course it is quite chunky when it’s flipped shut, but takes up less overall space. The design is something you’ll either love or hate, but the performance will not disappoint.

For a Compact Option Try the BlackBerry Pearl

The appearance of the Pearl might not be for everybody; even though it has the physical keyboard we are used to with BlackBerrys it isn’t a full QWERTY. The advantage of course is that it is a more compact option to carry around than other models, but you do sacrifice some performance.

BlackBerry Tour - a Solid Choice

The Tour is a great combination of the Bold and Curve models; with these being so popular, surely this means the Tour is a must-have? Although it has the standard BlackBerry layout it does have quite a modern look to it and is a weighty performer. It lacks Wi-Fi though and has a smaller keyboard than the Bold, but is still an option to consider.

BlackBerry Storm 2 - Touchscreen with Slide-Out Landscape Keyboard

The original Storm had many problems which have been addressed with the Storm 2. It offers a touch-screen experience, like most other smartphones on the market now, but you also have the satisfying experience of a slide out landscape keyboard.

Blackberry Torch 9850 Reviewed - Lighting a Fire Under RIM

The new version of the Torch represents a step up for touch-screen BlackBerry smartphones. You’ll find all the details about what makes this phone one of the best BlackBerry devices yet in this review. Despite the quality on offer the new Torch does seem to indicate that RIM has fallen behind the competition.

While the look and performance of the BlackBerry might be considered outdated by some, RIM are making some interesting improvements that very much play to their strengths, such as adding a music player and offering up more touch-screen devices rather than the same old physical keyboard with a small screen. But the choice of which BlackBerry to buy is still very much in your hands.