How to Access Dogpile for BlackBerry Smartphone

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The Dogpile search engine was created in 1996 by Aaron Flin, though it is now owned by InfoSpace. The Dogpile search engine works by aggregating search results from Google, Yahoo, Bing, About and various other search engines. This type of search engine is called a metasearch engine. Dogpile searches for duplications throughout the search results and removes them.

Dogpile is useful if you want to see results that you might not see when using just one search engine at a time. The search engines that Dogpile aggregates, such as Google and Yahoo, use alogorithims to search the Web. Therefore, the different alogorothims produce different results. By aggregating results, you may find that Dogpile is more useful.

Accessing Dogpile In Browser

There is no Dogpile application for the BlackBerry (as of August 2011) and so if you want to use the search engine you have to access it in the Browser. When you open the Browser, you can type a search term into the address bar to use a default search engine. If you want to use Dogpile, you will have to enter the URL manually.

  • Press the “Menu” button and then open “Browser.” Scroll up to the address bar and select it.
  • Type “” and then press “Return” to open the Dogpile Web Search.
  • Type a search term into the search bar and then click “Go Fetch” to begin your Dogpile search. Wait a few moments for your search results to appear.
  • Click a hyperlink to view that search result page.

If you want to search through the Images, Video, News, Yellow Pages or White Pages, click on the relevant link (for example “News”). Then select the box, type your search term and click “Go Fetch.” This will limit your search results to the category and search type choice selected.

Mobile Vs. Web Version

When you access “” it opens the Web version of Dogpile. The Web version uses HTML5 and Javascript to improve the browsing experience, for example when you type a search term, an automated list appears below the search bar. The Web version allows you to search through the Web, Images, Video, News, Yellow Pages and White Pages.

The downside of using the Web version of Dogpile is that it takes a lot longer to load. This is because you have to access more data, just by opening the search engine. The Web version is useful if you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, but if you are connected over the mobile network, you may want to use the mobile version.

Access the mobile version by going to “” instead for faster browsing. This is a stripped down version of the full site and, while the search engine works in the same way, it looks a lot different. So when you search the results will be exactly the same.

The main feature difference is that mobile Dogpile only allows you to search through Web or Images. The mobile version also removes some of the graphics and scripting from the main Web version to speed up access to the search engine. The Web version is very useful to use if you are in a low network signal area, or if you are concerned about bandwidth usage on your BlackBerry. By using the mobile version of Dogpile for BlackBerry, you will be searching much more quickly.

Adding Dogpile To Your Bookmarks

As there is no Dogpile application for the BlackBerry smartphone range, if you want to use it on a regular basis, you will have to add it to your bookmarks. Once you add a Web address to your bookmarks, you can quickly open it as soon as you open the Browser. Likewise, if you are using a BlackBerry with OS 6 or later (which was released in 2011), you can add Dogpile to the Home Screen, this creates an icon to quickly access it on your main screen.

Open Browser, and go to the Dogpile site. Press “Menu,” then select “Add to Bookmarks.” Enter a new name for the Bookmark if you wish and then select “Add.”

If you want to add it to the Home Screen, open the Web page in Browser, then select “Add to Home Screen.” Choose a name for the icon link, select a location (such as Home, Media, Applications or Games) and then choose to mark it as a favourite. Select “Add” when you have finished configuring the Dogpile Home Screen search. On your Home Screen, select the Dogpile icon to open the Browser to the Dogpile search straight away.