BlackBerry Pearl Troubleshooting: Problems with BlackBerry Pearl Volume

BlackBerry Pearl Troubleshooting: Problems with BlackBerry Pearl Volume
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Remove Battery and Reinsert It

If you are having problems with your BlackBerry phone, the first thing you should do is reset it. This is basically the same as restarting a computer, and in many cases will fix the problem you are having.

Turn the BlackBerry Pearl smartphone on, and wait for the home screen to display on the screen.

Turn the BlackBerry Pearl over, hold the battery cover release button, and slide the battery cover off. You can use your fingers to slide the cover off, while holding the device in your hand.

Remove the battery from the device, wait one minute and then reinsert it. The phone will automatically power on.

Press and hold the Alt and Right Shift keys on the BlackBerry keyboard simultaneously. While still holding these keys, press the Backspace/Delete key. The device will automatically power off.

Release the keys and the device will automatically restart. When it powers back on, it will power up normally.

Update the BlackBerry Pearl Operating System

RIM offers occasional updates to their BlackBerry devices. The BlackBerry Pearl is a popular smartphone and has had many updates since being release into the market. You should install any available updates to your phone, which can fix some issues you may be having with it, such as problems with the volume. These updates also help to keep your phone secure from security issues.

Install the BlackBerry Desktop Software on your computer.

Connect your BlackBerry Pearl to your computer via a USB cable. You should have received a USB cable when you purchased your phone. Plug one end of the cable into your device, and the other end into a free USB port on the front or back of your computer.

The BlackBerry Desktop Software recognizes the attached BlackBerry device, and automatically checks the installed version of software. It will prompt you to install any available updates found for the operating system on the phone. Click Get Update to continue to install the update.

An option to back up your BlackBerry Pearl will appear on the screen. Check the Back up device data check box, and then click Install update to continue with the update process. You should always check this checkbox as it is better to back up your device before installing any updates.

When the update is completed, you can disconnect your BlackBerry Pearl from your computer. Remove the USB cable from the USB port on your computer, and then remove the other end from your device. A dialog box will open prompting you to safely disconnect the phone.

How to Set Ring Volume

You can change the ringer on the BlackBerry Pearl, including the ring volume, which has 5 different levels. You can turn the ringer off completely, or just use vibrations. If your ring volume isn’t working, you should make sure it is turned up loud enough to hear it, or that it isn’t turned off completely.

Tap Profiles from the home screen on the BlackBerry Pearl device’s display to open the Notification Profile Selection screen.

Press the A key on the keyboard, and then use the trackball to select Advanced from the selection menu. A new menu screen opens on the display that allows you to edit the profiles on your phone.

Using the trackball, highlight the profile you want to set the ringtone volume for, and then press the Menu key. The menu key has the BlackBerry logo placed on it. Select Edit from the list.

Select Phone from the list.

Highlight Volume and then click it with the trackball. You will see five different volume settings on the screen, Mute, Low, Medium, High or Escalating. Highlight and then click the desired volume setting and level for your BlackBerry Pearl device.

When you are finished setting the volume setting, press the red disconnect key on your BlackBerry keyboard to exit the profile’s menu. Highlight Save from the pop up menu to save the changes you have made to the profile volume settings.

Change the Volume Keys

The BlackBerry Pearl device also has volume keys on the phone itself that allow you to change the volume level from up to down, without going into any of the profile settings on the phone.

You can find the volume keys on the left side of the BlackBerry Pearl device.

Press the lower key to adjust the volume down.

Press the higher key to adjust the volume up.

You will see a meter on the display screen of the device showing you what the volume is. Release the volume key when you are at your desired volume level.