How to Sync Yahoo! Address Book with BlackBerry

How to Sync Yahoo! Address Book with BlackBerry
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Yahoo! Mail is still one of the biggest and easiest ways to send and receive e-mail. Recently, a mobile version of the site came out for Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry users, so that checking mail when you can’t be in front of your computer is not only quick, but easy and handy too.

For BlackBerry users, the former Yahoo Go application has given way to a new mobile version of the site and a new mobile app in which you can not only check and send mail, but also your Yahoo address book. Here we take a look at how to sync your Yahoo address book with your BlackBerry.

The Yahoo Mobile App

Before the new Yahoo mobile app, there was Yahoo Go, which was a mobile version of the popular mail program. In the beginning of 2010, Yahoo decided to stop both the program and the support in order to launch a new mobile website and the current Yahoo mobile app.

WIth these changes, BlackBerry users now have several different ways of not only checking Yahoo! mail, but also accessing their important Yahoo address book. Syncing your Yahoo address book is simply a matter of making sure that your phone is connected to the Internet, allowing for any changes to occur within the realm of cloud computing.

Yahoo! Mobile

The Yahoo mobile site is a mini version of the website that greets you when visiting Yahoo on the web. You can pretty much do the same things using the mobile site as you would using the main site from your home computer or laptop. In terms of using Yahoo’s address book, you can access your contacts in an easy format - it allows you to view your contacts, edit contacts, delete contacts, and add contacts, as well as letting you send mail to them.

To get this updated version of Yahoo mobile -

  • From your BlackBerry phone’s web browser, type in
  • Sign in to your Yahoo account.

Anything that is being done through this mobile version will automatically sync with your Yahoo account. For example, you have just added someone as a contact on your mobile phone in Yahoo. When you go to check your contacts on say your laptop, that contact will have been added.

Yahoo! Mail app for BlackBerry

The newest version of mobile mail, the Yahoo! mail app allows for BlackBerry users to send and receive e-mail from their Yahoo accounts directly to their phones. One benefit of this is the option to sync your Yahoo address book with your phone’s contacts. This of course gives you the freedom to not only view contacts from Yahoo, but delete, add, and edit.

The Yahoo! mail app also contains Yahoo! Messenger, so if you have contacts that are also on the chat service, they are automatically added to your Yahoo address book. To use this app -

  • Download the Yahoo! Mail app, either from the official site or by going to the mobile website from your BlackBerry.
  • Install the app. After installation, sign in to your Yahoo account.
  • Upon set up, Yahoo will ask if you want to sync your Yahoo address book to your contacts. You can chose yes or no; if you chose “no”, you can always go to set up to enable it later.

This app is free from Yahoo and only take a few minutes to download.

[Download Link]

Yahoo! Go

While Yahoo has stopped supporting this application, there may be users who are still using it. The 3.0 version of this mobile site may have caused some issues when it came to syncing the Yahoo address book with a BlackBerry phone, however, you can manually restart the automatic updates.

  • From your BlackBerry phone, click on the Y widget icon for Yahoo Go.
  • In the right hand corner, select “options”.
  • Under the “address sync settings”, you can choose to either turn it on or turn it off. If it is off, select on.

This should start the address book sync.

Syncing your Yahoo address book on a BlackBerry is easier than ever, thanks to new versions of Yahoo’s services and the Internet cloud.