Gym Technic Review: Your BlackBerry Personal Trainer

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Getting in Shape with a BlackBerry?

With the summer gone, trying to get that beach body may be a thing in the recent past. However, it is never a bad time to get in shape. Now, amongst the hundred of other things that that it helps you with, your Blackberry can assist in your fitness goals by becoming your personal fitness trainer. With your BlackBerry and a web service called Gym Technik, having a more slender waist for a more comfortable fit for you BlackBerry belt case is just a click away.

How Gym Technik Can Help

Gym Technik is a fitness tracking tool. It allows individuals to use their Blackberry as their own personal workout journal. The process is as simple as signing up for the free service on their website, While online, customize your workout and plan your fitness goals. Then, just pack up your cross-trainers and your Blackberry and head to the gym. While there, all you have to do is to sign-in to the Gym Technik service on your Blackberry to see a list of your predefined workout routines. From there you can track your process and stats. Everything will automatically link up to your web account.

The best thing about Gym Technik is that it is like having your own personal trainer. Using the Gym Technik website, you are given the options to state the areas you want to target and several suggestions are available for you to choose from. After you have successfully saved the selections and headed to the gym, the instructions on how to complete each exercise are shown right there on your Blackberry. This way you don’t have to pay for a personal trainer, yet not have to worry of hurting yourself trying to execute exercises improperly.

Gym Technik also allows you to customize several different routines at once. You can plan out your entire week by designating certain days for certain exercise routines. For instance, I do cardio five days a week and strength training on three of those days. I have four different exercise routines; only cardio, cardio plus upper body, cardio plus lower body, and cardio plus abs. I can customize and save four different workout profiles on the Gym Technik site and pull up the one that I want on my Blackberry once I hit the gym. The workout never gets stale and I don’t have to re-customize my workout everyday.

Just when you think that your BlackBerry couldn’t get any more helpful in your every day life, Gym Technik comes up with yet another role for the device. Trying the free service is well worth it. Eventually Gym Technik will offer a premium plan that will have more benefits to your health, body and BlackBerry.