Troubleshooting Guide for Sling on BlackBerry 8830

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How to Retrieve a Lost SlingPlayer Mobile Registration Key

If you lost the registration key for the SlingPlayer Mobile application, check the order information that was sent in the confirmation e-mail, or go to the Sling Media Store and click order status. When the order information screen appears, log in with the second option using your e-mail address and the last five digits of your credit card that you used for the purchase. The results page opens and lists the processed orders. Click on the order number for the purchase. On the details page, scroll down to the product name. The registration key is listed there.

How to Edit Mobile Favorites List

The Mobile Favorites list for Sling on BlackBerry 8830 can’t be amended from the BlackBerry. It can be changed from a PC with SlingPlayer 2.0 for Windows. Log in and add new media to your favorites list or delete channels you no longer watch. Save the changes. The next time you launch Sling on BlackBerry 8830, the Mobile Favorites list will be updated with a Favorites Ribbon.

Various SlingPlayer Error Messages

  • Incorrect Slingbox password. Please try again - Double check the password that you entered. If it’s an Admin password, enable the option to use an Admin password. Another possible cause for the error message is the use of a second version of SlingPlayer to connect to the Slingbox from outside the home network. In this case, the port setting for the Slingbox should be set to 5001. If that doesn’t work, contact your cellular provider about the inability to stream video from the Slingbox to the BlackBerry. There may be an issue with your data plan.
  • Can’t connect using mobile (not Wi-Fi) connection: Set APN info - For this error message, set the APN manually from the settings menu when you first launch SlingPlayer Mobile on the BlackBerry. This information is also available through your cellular provider.
  • Unable to connect to a local Slingbox via Wi-Fi - The best way to fix this is by creating a duplicate entry for your existing Slingbox in the Slingbox Directory. Follow these steps:
  1. Start SlingPlayer 2.0 for Windows, open the Connect menu, and select Slingbox Directory. Click your Slingbox and select Edit.
  2. Click the Information tab and write down the IP Address and Port under the LAN section.
  3. Click Cancel. Then click Add within the Slingbox Directory. Enter a name for the newly created Slingbox entry under Alias.
  4. Enter a password. Then enter the IP Address and Port information from step 2 under Connection and click OK.
  5. Launch SlingPlayer Mobile from the BlackBerry.
  6. Log out of your account and log back in. Open the Slingbox Directory and connect to the newly created Slingbox.

Audio Settings

The audio settings of SlingPlayer Mobile can be changed. Select Stereo or High for better sound quality. This requires a good cellular connection. Mono or Low for less than optimum connections. There are three options for audio channels: Left & Right, Left, and Right. The individual Left or Right settings play the left or right channel in both earphones. This is useful for broadcasts that have different soundtracks in different sound channels. The Left & Right is the default setting.

Video Problems

  • White screen followed by phone switching off - The battery needs to be recharged.
  • Flickering or flashing video - Disconnect SlingPlayer Mobile from Slingbox and then reconnect.
  • Backlight turns off while streaming - Set the backlight timeout on the BlackBerry to a higher interval.
  • Video is vertically stretched - Set the display mode to Letterbox or Pillarbox.