What is the Best BlackBerry Hands Free App? Top 5 Apps Revealed

What is the Best BlackBerry Hands Free App? Top 5 Apps Revealed
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Text’nDrive Pro

A text to speech app that lets you read and reply to text messages without fumbling around with the BlackBerry device while driving is the Text’nDrive PRO app. This hands free app is designed to read out incoming text messages and convert your verbal reply into a text message. There isn’t any need to type on the BlackBerry, which makes driving and texting much safer. The downside is that the app doesn’t dictate voice to text directly. Instead, it sends an audio file to the app’s website, which then converts it to text. It is compatible with most bluetooth headsets and car kits.

The Text’nDrive Pro app is available at the BlackBerry App Store for $19.99.


AutoAnswer BlackBerry App

AutoAnswer is another hands free solution for BlackBerry users designed to answer incoming calls automatically. There are several options with this app. Set the number of seconds before the app answers a call, and select which audio devices will turn the app on when that device is enabled. You can also set the app to answer specific contacts, while other contacts are set to manual answer. The call can be routed to the speakerphone.

Download the AutoAnswer app from the BlackBerry App Store for $9.99.

Voice on the Go

Voice on the Go BlackBerry App

Voice on the Go is the ultimate hands free message handler for BlackBerry devices. It is designed to answer e-mail and text messages for you. The app will read incoming messages, and it will convert your replies into e-mails or text messages. With this app, you can update Facebook statuses and send messages on Twitter simply by speaking.

Voice on the Go is a free app available on the BlackBerry App Store.

PhonEnforcer HandsFree Text Detector

PhonEnforcer HandsFree Text Detector BlackBerry App

A great app for new drivers is the PhonEnforcer HandsFree Text Detector. It is designed to turn off the phone when you start driving. This prevents potentially distracting phone calls and text messages from appearing on the BlackBerry device. Simply enter the speed at which the phone should turn off. When the phone is turned back on, the app will send notifications to specific contacts that you select.

PhonEnforcer HandsFree Text Detector is available at the BlackBerry App Store for $8.99.

Drive Safe with HandsFree

Drive Safe with HandsFree BlackBerry App

Automatically answer incoming calls with the Drive Safe with HandsFree app. This BlackBerry hands free app is designed to answer calls after a certain period of time and switch the call to speakerphone. If you already have a BlackBerry kit, the app will route the call to any bluetooth headset. There is an option to stop automatic answering after a certain time, and there is an option to turn the answering function off when the BlackBerry is in a holster. If you have a flip phone version of a BlackBerry device, it must be open for the app to work.

Drive Safe with HandsFree is available in the BlackBerry App Store for $3.99.

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