Improving BlackBerry Bold Battery Life

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The BlackBerry Bold is an exceptional model among the entire range of devices in the BlackBerry smartphone family. Similar to any other of these devices we are faced with one very critical task and that is achieving sustenance of the battery life. Follow us as we run through some simple tips on how to improve your BlackBerry Bold battery life.

Tips to Improve Battery Life

  • Turn down backlight brightness to a minimum and set the backlight to timeout at the least amount of time. Also, enable backlight to dim automatically.
  • Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features when not in use.
  • Keep ringtone volume and other sound alerts relatively low yet audible. Also, adjust the duration of the ringtone and vibration to a minimum.
  • Disable the LED coverage indicator light if possible. This uses up the battery power and causes it to lose charge quickly.
  • Do not overcharge - Allow battery to reduce to low signals of 25 - 30 % before charging if possible, this will minimize how many times you charge your phone per day/week and will improve the quality of the battery.
  • Do not over-discharge – Over discharging is the process of repeatedly allowing the battery to completely run out of charge. Avoid this so you can get a much longer life out of the battery.
  • Learn how to access and manipulate features, applications and functionality of your BlackBerry to reduce the time it takes to retrieve information on the phone. Short continuous usage will prolong battery life throughout the day.
  • Set up applications to speed up certain processes such as voice dialing, web browsing, speed dialing etc. This reduces the usage time thus helping to preserve your battery life.
  • Set the left and right convenience keys to access the most frequently used applications on the phone e.g. BlackBerry messenger, a main e-mail account, or voice dialing. This minimizes the time it takes to access and use these applications.
  • Install active software such as voice to text apps, BB Smart app, Bolt Browser etc. to shortcut through routes in accessing data on your phone. Minimizing usage time increases battery life.
  • Turn off the phone instead of putting it on silent when you do not want to be disturbed.
  • Cut down using the speakerphone feature to carry out a phone conversation. This uses more energy from the battery.
  • Keep your phone out of high (hot) temperatures especially for exceedingly long periods. Heat speeds up a chemical reaction in the battery and deteriorates the battery life.
  • Check if certain applications are still running in the background of your BlackBerry. If these apps are not in use then turn them off, an example of this could be an active browser page.
  • BlackBerry Bold batteries are sold separately to provide extra back up or an alternative. If your phone battery is completely discharged then there is the option of replacing it with a fully charged one.


Improving your BlackBerry Bold battery life can be achieved through minimizing its usage by fast tracking to certain applications on the phone as well as taking certain steps to protecting the deterioration of the battery as discussed above. Similarly, these tips can be applied and implemented to improve the battery life of other models of BlackBerry smartphone.