The Best Barcode Scanner for BlackBerry Devices

The Best Barcode Scanner for BlackBerry Devices
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What Are QR Codes?

A QR code is a square pattern of black and white that resembles the image to the left. It contains information that is readable with a barcode scanner. The code can contain information such as the price and product description.

Many of the following apps not only allow you to scan these barcodes, but allow you to create your own barcodes too. One might create their own QR code for a website that sells digital products, such as phone applications. We take a look at the best scanner apps to use with your Blackberry.

QR Code Scanner Pro

QR Code Scanner Pro BlackBerry App

Purchase mobile apps quickly and easily with QR Code Scanner Pro. This barcode scanner for BlackBerry is designed to scan QR codes. It doesn’t require a photograph to be taken. Instead the app works by processing the data present in the QR code by scanning it with the phone’s camera. The app will carry out any function present in the code, such as opening the web browser or opening the email application. QR Code Scanner Pro is a free app available at the BlackBerry App Store.

Barcode Assistant

Barcode Assistant BlackBerry App

A BlackBerry barcode scanner that scans QR codes and creates barcodes is the Barcode Assistant app. It is a BlackBerry QR scanner that recognizes QR codes, such as the ones that represent apps in the BlackBerry App Store. It also creates barcodes based on data from the calendar, address book, tasks, and web browser. Also, it can scan business vCards directly from contacts and create a barcode. Another way to utilize this app is to create barcodes based on location information. Download the free Barcode Assistant app at the BlackBerry App Store.

BeeTagg QR Reader

BeeTagg QR Reader BlackBerry App

Another BlackBerry barcode scanner that recognizes QR codes is the BeeTagg QR Reader app. It is designed to scan QR codes, Data Matrix, and BeeTagg codes. As you scan the code, the encoded information is presented in the web browser. To create barcodes with this app, visit the BeeTagg website. The free BeeTagg QR Reader app can be downloaded at the BlackBerry App Store.

ScanLife Barcode Reader

ScanLife Barcode Reader BlackBerry App

ScanLife Barcode Reader is another barcode scanner app for BlackBerry that recognizes several types of barcodes, including QR, Data Matrix, UPC, and EZcode. The UPC scanner portion of the app is restricted to BlackBerry devices with auto-focus cameras, such as the BlackBerry Tour and BlackBerry Storm. At the ScanLife website, you can create your own barcodes. The free ScanLife Barcode Reader app is available at the BlackBerry App Store.

AT&T Code Scanner

ATT Code Scanner BlackBerry App

The AT&T Code Scanner app is a barcode scanner for BlackBerry that recognizes several types of barcodes. In addition to the QR codes, it also recognizes Data Matrix and UPC codes. This pretty much covers all product barcodes, including those printed directly onto products, those that appear in circulars, and those that appear on websites. By scanning the code, the app will direct the web browser to connect to the specified content, which can include product prices, product reviews, coupons, or websites. AT&T Code Scanner is a free app available at the BlackBerry App Store.


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