How to Set Up BlackBerry Messenger

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BlackBerry Messenger

The cult of BlackBerry, you do not want to admit it, but you know it is true. You love your BlackBerry and you want to have a way to communicate only with other BlackBerry lovers like yourself. BlackBerry Messenger allows you to do just that. It is a chat program designed just for BlackBerry owners. Set up BlackBerry Messenger by adding all your known BlackBerry contacts and customizing it before you jump into using it.

Know Your PIN

Your BlackBerry has a unique number and this is what is used to identify you on BlackBerry Messenger. You can give other people your PIN so they can add you to their contact lists in their Messenger application. The PIN is located under “Options,” and then “Status” on your phone. People can also add you if you have a BlackBerry email address or by using your Messenger username (you are prompted to create one the first time you open the application). If you aren’t sure what your PIN is check out this article on how to find your BlackBerry PIN.

Update Your BlackBerry Messenger

Download the latest version of BlackBerry Messenger from the BlackBerry site. If you do not currently have BlackBerry Messenger, this will add it to your phone. If you do have BlackBerry Messenger, this will replace it with the latest version.

Adding Contacts

The easiest way to add contacts is to add people by their BlackBerry email, username or their PIN number. Unfortunately, you must know one of these because there is no way to search for a user. Do this by selecting “Invite Contact” from the menu. The person will not appear on your contact list until they have accepted your request.

With the contacts you have, you can also create groups of people. Categorize these groups by how or where you know them. For example, you can have a “Family” group or a “Work” group.

Customization and Setup

You can change your BBM picture. The picture appears with your username in conversations. You can choose a picture from your library by selecting “Change Display Picture” in the menu. If the picture is large, you may be asked to crop the picture. Select “Crop and Save” from the menu after centering the box on the part of the image you want to show, and then click “Save” again.

If you use your BlackBerry as a personal music player, you can show everyone what you are listening to by opening your profile while logged in to BlackBerry Messenger and selecting “Show What I’m Listening To.” Make sure you click “Save” in the menu to save your settings.

Share your location. You can show someone where you are with the GPS tracking within your phone by opening your menu and selecting “Send Location.” This is handy if you want the contact to meet up with you for lunch or drinks.

Within the “Sounds” application on your phone (not within BlackBerry Messenger), you can set specific notifications for when you receive a message in Messenger. Choose a sound that differs from your text or email sound.


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