How BlackBerry's Help Business People

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How the BlackBerry Smartphone Helps Business Professionals

The BlackBerry smartphone is equipped with certain features to perform business related tasks for a wide range of professionals. Here is how BlackBerry’s help business people:-

  • Send and receive secure emails, SMS text messages, MMS messages, and BBM messages.
  • Instant chat with clients or employees via BBM, Yahoo, MSN, Windows Live, AOL and Google messenger.
  • Browse the web.
  • Create and update a calendar, phonebook, notes, memos or tasks.
  • Transfer and receive data via Bluetooth.
  • Set timer/alarms.
  • Voice dialing technology.
  • Search destinations through Google maps.
  • Upload and organize music, photos or files.
  • Copy and save documents.
  • Take instant photos.
  • Create videos.
  • Send voice notes.
  • Call Waiting, Forwarding or Barring.
  • TTY technology.
  • Speed dialing.
  • Connect with people on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

In addition there are a wide range of downloadable BlackBerry apps which are beneficial for carrying out specific tasks for execs in diverse career fields.

Great Blackberry Apps for Business Executives

Many business executives require constant connectivity with their work, especially when they have to leave the office. Here is a list of great apps for a select few business professions.

Medical Execs/Doctor, Nurse – QxMD, Epocrates Rx, IQMax, Skyscape, WinScribe, Clinical Xpert Navigator, WIC Paging & mVisum.

Legal/Lawyer, Attorney, Paralegal – BBsmart, Pocketmac, Logicmail, Boltbrowser, Beamreader, BBNotepad.

Aviation Crew/Pilot etc. – WingX, AirWx, FltPlan, AOPA, PilotMyCast.

Restaurant & Food/ Chef etc. – PDA cookbook plus, EasyBartender,

Financial Execs/Accountant etc. – GridMagic, Pageonce Personal Assistant, Mobile Checkbook, Expensify, TD, IStockManager.

Police/Security/Military – Trapster, ScannerRadio, OnPatrol, Blue, ING Direct.

Musician/Composure – Pandora, Iheartradio, Shazam, TuneIn Radio, BlackBerry Podcast.

Automobile/ Mechanic etc. – Psychrometrics Deluxe, Beyond411, CaptureIt, MapQuest 4 Mobile.

Construction/Architect etc. _–_ADA Code, SteelShape, WoodBeam.

Engineer/Mechanical, Electrical, Civil etc. - Psychrometrics Deluxe, BlueSlate Converter, Conversion Cog.

Lecturer/Teacher etc.– BlackBerryApp, MSDict Pocket Oxfor Dictionary &Thesaurus, Wikipedia App.

Journalist/ Reporter, Anchor etc. – Qik, Google Mobile App, Evernote, BoltBrowser, BBSmart, BeamReader, OperaMini.

Real Estate/ Realtor, Buyer, Seller etc – Smarter Agent, MLS Listing, BlackBerry Maps, BoltBrowser.

Pet Expert/Veterinarian, Groomer etc. – Petcentric, Veterinary Viology App, Xobni, BoltBrowser.

Psychologist/ Psychiatrist etc. – Personality Psychology Pro, DailyHoroscope, MsDict, Wikipedia App.

Technician/Electronic, Computer etc. – Psychrometrics Deluxe, BlackBerry Business Solutions, Onetouch Flashlight.

Fashion/ Designer, Stylist etc. – Square, House of Holland BB App, Ebay BlackBerry App, NiceKicks BlackBerry Apps.

Health & Fitness/ Gym Instructor, Dietitian, Nutritionist etc - Gym Technik, Weight Tracker, Total Fitness, Fast Food Calorie Counter, Ascendo Fitness, Cyclists Log.

Marine Experts/ Scuba Divers, Boaters etc. – BB Tracker, Scuba Diving (Blue) & (Red).

Transport/ Chauffeur, Drivers, Delivery Men etc. – Tellme, Beyond 411, Chauffeur Booking App, MapQuest for Mobile, GoogeMaps Mobile.

Benefits of the BlackBerry for Business Executives

The BlackBerry smartphone provides a long list of benefits for business people. Some of these are listed below-

  • Confidential.
  • Secure messaging.
  • Real time market information.
  • Operational efficiency.
  • Integration of systems.
  • Connectivity with staff.
  • More productivity on the go.
  • Reliable.
  • Decision-making information at your finger tips.
  • Quick turnaround from business and operations.
  • Competitive advantage in marketplace.
  • Highly secure mobility.
  • Synchronize data with PC.
  • Productivity.
  • Workforce mobile solutions.
  • Content presentation.
  • Developing mobile apps.
  • Enterprise applications, such as push e-mail and IM.
  • Multimedia applications.
  • Fast internet browsing.
  • Secure e-mailing.
  • Wireless internet browsing.
  • Built-in keypad for easy typing.
  • Large and clear display screens.
  • Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) - calendar, address book, notes etc.
  • Flexibility.
  • Easy to create and organize web-based applications.
  • Enterprise App Integration (SAP, ERP, Custom Intranet Application Integration).
  • Utility Applications (SMS / Email based / GPS based Tracking).


Many business professionals have to attend work-related duties outside the office and now they can keep connected and maintain productivity on the go with the BlackBerry smartphone. This article addresses the issue of how BlackBerry’s help business people in many different areas of work. BlackBerry App World introduces and provides an extensive amount of downloadable software that almost every business professional will find useful for everyday work. As a professional on the go it is wise to invest in a BlackBerry smartphone to assist in making work easy and keep you functional at all times.

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