Free BlackBerry Apps for Microsoft Word

Free BlackBerry Apps for Microsoft Word
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BlackBerry App World

The global application to download applications on your BlackBerry device is called the BlackBerry App World. The App World allows you to access all kinds of applications compatible for your device. If you download an application from anywhere else other than the App World application, the app may not run properly or download to your device as it should. To access the App World, you need to first download the App World app to your phone. Do this by clicking the “Browser” icon on your device. Press the BlackBerry button and click “GoTo.” Visit the AppWorld website or on your computer navigate to the BlackBerry App World website. On your phone, click the “Download” link. On the PC, click inside of the “Enter Email Address Here” field. Type your email address so that the download link can be sent to your phone. Click “Submit.” Once you receive the link on your phone, click the link to download the app to your device. Once the app has finished downloading, click on the “App World” icon on your device screen. The first time you access the App World, you will need to create a username and a password. If you forget your username and password, you will need to reset it by going to the App World website on an actual PC.

Find an Application

BlackBerry Applications

Now that you have the App World downloaded to your phone successfully, you can locate an application that you want to download. Do this by clicking on the “BlackBerry App World” icon on your device application screen. Click the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of your screen to search for an application. In the search bar that comes up, type the name of an application you are searching for. Press the trackball in to search for an application that meets your search criteria. Roll the trackball down to look through the applications. If you find one you like, highlight it with the trackball and press the trackball in to select it. You can preview the application, read review, read ratings and download it to your device if it is something you like. To download the application, press the “Download” button.

Documents-to-Go Premium

Documents to go

One application that you can download from the BlackBerry App World to your BlackBerry that works with Microsoft Word is the Documents-to-Go Premium application produced by Dataviz. The free version of this application comes standard on your BlackBerry, but this paid application allows you to not only view Word documents but also create new Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. You can open PDF documents and open documents with a security password on them. Currently, the price for this application is $14.99.


Eoffice for BlackBerry

Another great application you can use with Microsoft Word on your BlackBerry device is the Eoffice application from Dynoplex. There is a free version of this application and a paid version of this application. This application allows you to send a fax of your Microsoft Word document or other documents and you can print the documents directly from your phone. You can also print Word email attachments from your device with this application. Another great feature is its ability to allow you to edit and view any Microsoft Office documents.