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ColdFusion Review: Features

Adobe has been one of the top manufacturers of different applications used by experts these days. The company has issued software like Adobe Photoshop, which is used by many graphic artists; Premier, which is a video editing tool; Adobe After Effects; and many more. These days, Adobe has come up with the latest version of ColdFusion, a platform made for rapid application development. This program was created by Jeremy and JJ Allaire in 1995. Now Adobe has released ColdFusion 9 that will allow programmers to create complicated logic used in business with lesser codes. If you’re a fan of ColdFusion, reviewing these changes will interest you.


This is the screenshot of the latest Adobe ColdFusion 9 Software that can be used by web developers, programmers, and website owners.

Other ColdFusion editions may be good but the new features of ColdFusion 9 make it much more simple to use. More features and applications can be made to certain websites that are a lot easier.

The following are the greatest of the latest features of ColdFusion 9:

  1. SharePoint is one essential application used by many website developers, especially those who are preparing modules for their employees’ training program. And SharePoint has a lot of confidential company documents, so it’s just essential for companies to keep them protected; users should enter their credentials for security purposes. Using the CFSHAREPOINT tag as an additional feature of ColdFusion with SharePoint will make file access easier to the users since it will not require them to enter their logins several times.
  2. Another feature is ColdFusion ORM, also known as Object Relational Mapping. The ORM is used for updating and accessing data. It will be run through an application with the use of a certain object model. Aside from this it also includes scripting tables, CRUD operations, and other complicated programming tasks. There are two ways to use the ORM. It can be used by the person to create tables for the database, or it could automatically create database tables.


This application is important for every web owner to ensure the stability of his site. ColdFusion 9 enhances the flash platform integration to keep the applications running at their best. Using this program as a service will be able to help speed RIA development without using or writing CFML.


The feature above, without writing CFML in the program, will keep the applications more protected than before. Remember that unknown applications can linger on what you have, so using the new services like CFIMAGE, CFCHART, CFPOP, and others will secure your program from any unauthorized access.

Ease of Use

Access to site’s documents with easy format and immediate direction to server:

Spreadsheets for data are important in coming up with the right decisions when it comes to business. ColdFusion 9 will now allow you to easily access and generate documents to help you in documentation because of its CFSPREADSHEET tag, which is a new feature. Aside from this, the documents can also be produced in either SWF format or HTML directly to the server.

Business owners now find the importance of building credibility and popularity with the use of simple buttons like thumbs up and down. And in order to have this button on the website, they need to use AJAX controls in programming and give these thumb icons their functionality. ColdFusion 9 now has the latest and enhanced AJAX controls using CFML tags. These latest controls include the buttons control, mapping, multifile upload, media players, sliders, and other tools that website owners and programmers will need.

An application that can be used with other programs that is beneficial for the website:

ColdFusion 9 can be easily integrated with Adobe AIR and Adobe FLEX as well as with Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and other Microsoft products.

ColdFusion is a great tool for web developers or programmers. It can be a great help in creating, improving, and maintaining a website. It makes the programmer’s work or tasks simpler and easier.

Price to Value

By knowing these features of ColdFusion 9, you can say that this is already a good application for you to use in building website applications. If you get the product through an Adobe store online or other resellers, the price of ColdFusion 9 Standard edition is around $1,299, or you can upgrade for just $649. If you get the Enterprise edition, the prices for the program and upgrade are around $7,499 and $3,750 respectively. You can also visit the website for the latest updates on ColdFusion 9.

Overall Rating: Adobe ColdFusion 9 (3 out of 5)

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Visit Adobe’s online store to buy its latest product. This is where you can buy ColdFusion 9.