Best Web Hosting Service: Review of Every Major Web Hosting Company

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Review of Best Web Hosting Services

Host Gator

Throughout our web hosting services review, we have focused on and covered several popular web hosts. Although the list is limited to the most popular hosts now, we will continue to update and add more hosting reviews to this series as time progresses.

To get refreshed on our best web hosting services review, you may want to check out some of the contenders for best web hosting services. They are as follows:

Alternatively, you may want to jump the the Best Web Hosting Services intro page, where we introduce the web hosts, and give some advice on choosing the best web hosting service for your website or blog.

Rating Criteria

All web hosts in our review are rated on a criteria of overall customer satisfaction rate, which is decided upon by customer reviews from several popular review websites such as and an expert opinion with certain hosts that we have had experience with. Although not every individual review has a customer satisfaction rate section, customer reviews were taken into consideration when reviewing each and every hosting service.

Web hosts are also rated on the web hosting plans that they offer. Things like bargain and prices are taken into account for each individual web host. For the most part, all web hosts were competitive with each other on pricing, with only a bit of difference in price for features provided.

Cpanel and other unique hosting service control panels were taken into consideration in our overall ratings. Mostly, this was to determine the simplicity and ease of use for each web host.

Customer support was yet another aspect that we used to rank each host. Some hosts proved to have more knowledgeable support staff than others, which you can learn more about by visiting the links for each host above.

Promo codes and coupon codes were used as a determining factor for best web host because coupon codes can end up saving you quite a bit of money off of a standard hosting rate.

Reliability and upgradability was used to review several different web hosts. Many web hosts only offer one hosting plan, where others offered multiple level hosting plans. This also played a factor in overall rating.

*For more rating criteria, please review each host above, as each host needed some specific ratings.*

Who Offers the Best Web Hosting Service?

Based on the sites that have been reviewed thus far, here are the best web hosting services in order. Keep under consideration that these ratings may be updated, and there is a good chance that other web hosts will be added to this list in the future.

  1. Hostgator
  2. Media Temple (with coupon code)
  3. Bluehost
  4. Go Daddy
  5. HostMonster
  6. Lunarpages
  7. Yahoo Web Hosting

These ratings are extremely tight, as the heavy majority of web hosts received an average 3/5 star review rating. However, that is expected, as most web hosts are competitive and the majority of web hosts offer similar features at similar prices. If you would like your web host included in our review, feel free to leave a comment below. These rankings are subject to change as further review criteria develops, and web hosts make changes to their hosting plans.