Web Hosting Review Comparison: GoDaddy vs. Hostgator vs. Media Temple (MT) vs. Bluehost vs. Lunarpages vs. HostMonster vs. Other Mainstream Web Hosts

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Web Hosting Objective

Web Hosting

Chances are, you are looking for the best web hosting company out there, or at least a reliable place to host your website or WordPress blog. This web hosting review covers most mainstream web hosts, and will be continually updated with more hosts in time. At the end of this review, we will rank all of these popular web hosts based on features, price, bargain, reliability, and overall customer satisfaction rate.

Some notable hosts that you may already be familiar with are: GoDaddy vs. Hostgator vs. Bluehost vs. Media Temple (MT) vs. HostMonster vs. Yahoo Hosting vs. Lunarpages, and many more.

Each individual web host review featured in this series is based on overall customer satisfaction rates, taken from some of the best customer review sites, such as Hostjury.com. Aside from that, there are several other factors taken into consideration to list the top Web Hosting companies on the market.

Before You Choose a Web Host

Before you choose a web host, it’s best to make sure that the web host provides certain features that may be required by your website or blog. If a web host does not offer a specific feature, your website may not be operable on that host. One common example of this is video websites and social networks, that require several specific demands in order to operate.

Once you have a list of best web hosts narrowed down that are compatible with your website, you can decide which to go with. For the most part, compatibility issues are not a problem for basic websites and WordPress blogs, as just about every host supports these common CMS.

Finally, when searching for best web hosting reviews, it’s crucial that you make sure you are getting an unbiased review. Web hosting review sites will commonly base reviews off of affiliate links. For example, a web hosting review site may list one web host as best because they make a commission off of sales to that website, where in reality, that web host may not really be the best. Check out the following YouTube video, which gives a good understanding for this principle.

Web Hosting Scams to Watch Out For

Web Hosting Reviews

This completely unbiased, unaffiliated web hosts review focuses on several of the more common web hosts on the market. Here, we will focus on the features of each web host individually, and conclude with a summary list of the top web hosts. To get started, jump to a web host in our review that you may be interested in. From there, you can review each host in detail.

Alternatively, if you are not interested in a particular web host, you can skip over to the conclusion where we list the top web host and rank the other web hosts in terms of customer satisfaction and other notable features. However, it is highly recommended that you check out each individual web host review, as each review contains more specific, detailed info about a particular web host.