Learn About Light CMS: The Content Management System for Web Designers

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Who Should Use Light CMS?

Light CMS is an easy-to-use, brandable, content management system designed for web designers. With the content mangagment system, designers can create a website, create a user for a client, let them test drive it, and then bill them for it. Those who are not web designers can also use the Light CMS without the reseller feature. For anyone who is interested, there’s a free version of the program, with instant, full access to the program, for an unlimited amount of time.

Light CMS Pricing (5 out of 5)

There are several different plans to meet the needs of a variety of situations. Never pay until an upgrade is needed. The plans are as follows:

  • Free: 3 pages, 10 MB storage, and 1 user.

  • Basic: 10 pages, 500 MB storage, and 1 user. $19/month.

  • Plus: 25 pages, 1 GB storage, and 2 users. $29/month.

  • Advanced: 50 pages, 3 GB storage, 5 users. $49/month.

  • Pro: Unlimited pages, 6 GB storage, 10 users. $69/month.

  • Premier: Unlimited pages, 12 GB storage, unlimited users. $99/month.

Light CMS Features (5 out of 5)

Features of the Light CMS include:

  • Free hosting with each plan.

  • WYSIWYG editor.

  • Support for video.

  • Photo galleries.

  • Support for multiple browsers.

  • Support for blogs, RSS feeds, and podcasting.

  • Support for calendars and event management.

  • Form builders.

  • E-commerce support for purchases and donations.

  • Tools for SEO.

  • Tools to control user permissions.

  • Resellers package

Light CMS Ease of Use (5 out of 5)

Signing up for a free account takes just a few minutes. Simply enter a website name, your first name, an email address, and optional telephone number, and information about who you are currently working with (if you’re already in touch with a representative) and the site is created for you.

With the free account you can create a three page website using your own templates. There’s even a barebones template available for download to make it easier. For people who are not web designers, there is a service that converts designs into HTML and CSS templates for $495 and takes just a few days.

Add unlimited elements, and add new pages. If necessary, upgrade your plan to add new users. Your complete website design can be done in just a few hours, including the from scratch template design.

Light CMS Reseller Program (5 out of 5)

This program is a great way to get started with a web design business. It’s free, until you need to upgrade one of the websites on your account, to a paid plan. It’s easy to brand Light CMS with your own business logo. Design a site for a client, add the client as a user and let them test the site. With the reseller plan, you choose whether or not you want to bill the client, or if Light CMS should bill the client. If you bill the client, you pay the base rate, and choose what to charge the client. If Light CMS bills the client, you tell them what to charge, and they forward the profit to you.