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A morgue file is a term that has been used in journalism to describe any file that holds past issues. The website uses the term to describe its database of free images that are available for use for personal or commercial use. The nice thing about these images are that many of them allow for alteration of the original image. This means that images can be edited, or left alone, to be added to websites or blogs.

Selection (4 out of 5)

The selection on is not quite as good as what is found on Flickr, but it is still immense. The free images can be searched by keyword, category, size, date, rating, color, geotag, or users. The ability to search by color filter is especially nice. You can choose the color from an interactive color wheel and all images with that color in them will be displayed. This is one feature that absolutely rocks! Being able to filter by color makes it easier to find a free image that will fit the color scheme of the website or blog you are working on.

Ease of Download (5 out of 5)

Downloading the free images on could not be easier. There is a download button just below the image being viewed. To the right of the download button is an info tab where the size, number of views, pixels and other information about the image can be found.

Licensing and Attribution Information (5 out of 5)

I really loved the licensing and attribution portion of While most websites that offer free images do require attribution, as far as I could tell none of the images on required attribution. This is especially nice for website development where adding image attribution can be difficult to place.

I really loved everything about The selection was good, although not as extensive as some of the larger sites. Downloading required the fewest steps of any site I have reviewed and attribution is the easiest I have found. I highly recommend for web developers, or anyone else, searching for free images.

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