Free Flash Websites On Wix

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If you have ever hit the front page of a flash website and thought to yourself, “I would love to have one of these for my business” you are not alone. Flash is one of the hardest web programming hurdles to tackle. Today, the online business, offline business and every person with access to the Internet can create a flash website in just a few moments with Wix.

The Free Option for Flash Design

Just like other free website hosts, the Wix website offers free hosting and free website design with a catch. The websites will have advertising and promotional links embedded. These links do not take away from the overall look of the site, but are not 100% professional looking for the online business.

Despite the ads and promotions, Wix claims that more than 1,500 new free websites are created every day. The free flash websites are given long tailed urls such as

The featured site of the day took about 10 seconds to load the front page. The Enter emblem on the page was not linked or clickable. The picture, however, was linked which took the viewer to the inner pages of the website. Each tab on the free flash website took an addition 10 to 15 seconds to load.

It is difficult to tell whether the website lulls were due to the rich graphics on the website or to the speed of the Wix servers.

Upon looking at other websites created with Wix free flash designs, the load problem was common among all websites. The front page of the flash website was quick to load in some cases, but once the site was entered the lag was normally 10 to 15 seconds per page.

The Premium Option for Flash Design

For a mere $9.90 per month, the Wix web design you create can be placed on your very own URL. This option may be beneficial, especially for the online business. If the speed problem with the Wix free websites is linked to slow servers or server overload on the Wix end, however, the problem may persist.

Final Thoughts on Free Flashing

Wix offers a premium personal or business flash website for nothing. The designs are breathtaking and even with the loads being a bit slower than expected, the pages performed flawlessly. The small Wix tab in the upper right corner of the free websites does not deter from the site content, but does detract from the appearance of a professional business. The $9.90 a month charge to use a designated URL and remove the ad from the site is a steal of a deal.