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The website located at is a offers an online template generator that makes coding a website quick, easy and understandable for even the most inexperienced coder. The site allows the user to input values for the header, main body, menus and the footer of the website. The values include sizes and colors. When the values are added, the template generator creates all files needed for upload to the website via FTP. If the end result is not what you wanted the website to look like, you can simply edit the files or try again with this FREE website file generator.

How Does Make Template Work?

The file generator creates six different types of website files. The files created will serve as the header, footer, menu, homebody and index files. The index file can be edited or copied for each underlying page of the website. The beginner will notice the files are pulled together by php includes. While php can be difficult to understand for the novice web designer, in the case of the MakeTemplate generator, it provides an easy way to make uniform changes across all website files. When one file is changed, the pho includes code changes the same information on all pages. Thus, changing a link does not mean having to change the code on each and every page.

Worth the Time to MakeTemplate?

After working with this open source web design tool for just a half hour or so, I was a bit more comfortable than I was at first. The initial reaction to the huge amount of editable content is shock. Taking your time and working with each value, the footer, the header, the body and the menu will create files that are easily uploaded to your website and you get to learn a bit about web design languages in the process.

Learning With Make Template

While the website created with MakeTemplate will certainly not be professional grade, the idea is to learn how your modifications to a website file looks on the physical end. Changing values, the coder can see the physical changes that value equates to on the Internet. A hands on learning tool like MakeTemplate is hard to find for free but this site has managed to do a great job.

Where to House the MakeTemplate Websites?

Some people have asked about the hosting and domain side of the MakeTemplate process. There are various cheap hosting features on the web allowing the user to house more than one website. The domain can be purchased from an online retailer as well. The cheapest domain names are .info. Once you purchase the domain, you can change the nameservers and wait for the domain to go live on your hosting account. Then, using an FTP client, upload the files created with MakeTemplate to your host. You can immediately check the results. If you stay connected to the server via FTP you can immediately upload the new, changed files to the host and see the changes.


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