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As a top-notch HTML editor and a web expansion tool for KDE the K Desktop Environment, Quanta Plus is intended for quick web progress with a great number of features. It is quickly becoming a prime editor. With Quanta, you can experience good-looking user interfaces, however the default mode allows one edit HTML tags directly. Many editors differ from this type of editor as the others strive to hide complex HTML behind a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface. With WYSIWYG, you has to manipulate the HTML directly so as to change or create the effects you prefer. Quanta Plus is made more of a tool for experienced webpage creators than novices.

Quanta Plus supports the idea of projects just like other web tools like Adobe Go Live! You are allowed to manage effectively disparate files that go to any modern web site by treating files for a given site as a project. A major feature for website development and management is the ability to work with projects. Quanta Plus can run under the GNOME desktop even if it was written for the KDE desktop. This is true of KDE and GNOME interchangeable applications. Quanta Plus uses libraries from KDE, which is based at https://quanta.sourceforge.net/. A number of tools are also integrated into the program by designers. These are tools such as wget, which allows for the downloading of a web site for editing. And weblint, to check the HTML tags for correctness.

Quanta Plus is a great tool for HTML-savvy webpage creators and has a great deal of acclaim and success. It is a very comfortable, stable and feature rich web development environment. It has maximal user extensibility and it is an editor that is designed for natural and efficient use. Quanta Plus is capable of hand coding and WYSIWIG interface. It features script language variable auto-completion, a PHP debugger and tag completion as the user types and tags editing through a dialog interface, live previewing and project management. The editor also has features that are attractive for project management, which includes support for remote and local projects through networking.

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