Overview of NVU Free Open Source Web Design Software

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This is an open source free web authoring software that runs on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. The application combines easy to use graphical interface with web file management and web page editing features. It is especially ideal for non-technical users who do not have basic knowledge of web programming languages like HTML. Thus computer users can create professional-looking and attractive web pages and web sites without knowing web coding. NVU has the same easy-to-use features that are found in popular HTML editors like Dreamweaver and FrontPage. While many web coding applications will expect the user to know HTML or other web coding languages like Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), NVU is unique in that users create web pages using a word processor by typing and then publishing the pages to a website by simply saving the edited document.

Usable For Beginners and Advanced Web Development Professionals

The application of NVU is especially appealing to students, marketing professionals and general businesses. Despite its wide appeal among the novice web designers, experienced web programmers will also find it very convenient since it will help save them time in creating basic web content and making everyday web designs. The application has 2 tabs where a designer can toggle between the HTML code mode and the editing mode. It thus proves to be very useful tool to anyone wishing to learn coding in HTML since the HTML code mode will show how the HTML code interacts with the final output to be displayed in the web browser. Above all, this software is ideal for quickly creating web pages

When creating forms and tables in NVU, a user will find it much easier and enhancement options are plentiful. In addition, when using templates, one has more customization options available and the entire web site will reflect much of the owner’s ideas. Originally started from the composer code base by Mozilla, which later split to distinct email and browser functionalities, NVU has moved ahead and added more features to the original code, improving its functionality. Thus the framework of NVU is fairly stable as is evidenced by the improving capabilities of the Mozilla Firefox browser. Time will tell if the advancement of Web 2.0 and other web platforms will see the acceptance of NVU as a professional web authoring software.

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