Wordtracker Questions Review: How the WordTracker Questions Tool Can Help You Guide Website Content

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A new SEO tool is out and it looks to be one of the hottest changes to the Internet since the advent of Google. (Well maybe not that big, but it’s great!) Wordtracker questions is an SEO tool that shows the web developer the questions people are asking and the number of times they asked that question. When starting a new niche website, these questions can be vital to the information provided on the site.

The Old Wordtracker Tool

Wordtracker is a for pay SEO tool that aims to provide the best keyword research possible to their subscribers. The annual subscription runs $329.00, with a monthly subscription price of $59.00. Many web developers will not pay a monthly fee to find their keywords with so many free options on the Internet.

The New Wordtracker Questions Tool

The new Wordtracker is FREE. You can try it out by visiting Wordtracker Labs. Immediately the word free caught my eye. Free when compared to $329 is a huge savings and a web developer needs all the savings they can get for marketing and promotion (and maybe a few cool software programs like Adobe CS4).

Web Dev 2

As we all know, looks can be deceiving, so I decided to try out the question tool for myself. I searched the word “web development” and I was given 4 questions. The questions were “how to start a web development company (14 times), “what are web development tools” (2 times), “what is the best web development software” (2 times) and “how to do your own web development” (2 times). I was a bit taken aback by the small number of questions being asked.

Testing the New Wordtracker Tool

I wanted to take my review one step farther and test the tool. I searched for one of the questions, “how to do your own web development” and then searched the word “web development” again and there were no changes to the totals. In the fine print you will notice the results are from search engines that have partnered up with Wordtracker but the names of those search engines are not listed.

Exporting the List

One great tool is the download button. After you have found the list of questions you wish to keep for further research and marketing for your next web development project, you can download the .csv file and it will open in Excel. The results of the download are very basic as shown below.

Web Dev 1

Final Thought on Wordtracker Question Tool

Yes, web designers need to know the questions people are asking. This knowledge will help the web developer to choose the right niches with the right angles for their clients and their own website promotions. I am left, however, with a feeling that the information is not up to date and that the user just has to assume the results are truly relevant. I can tell you that it is worth a try before they want to charge for the service.

Side Note: When the word Obama is searched, there are 100 resulting questions with some being asked nearly 1000 times.