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FileZilla is a freely distributed open source cross platform application used to transfer files between a server and a client on a client-server network cross-platform. The application has all the functionalities of an FTP application with additional features added. The application contains binary files for Linux, windows and Mac OS systems.

Application Layer Protocol SSL

In addition to FTP support, FileZilla also supports the application layer protocol SSL used in encrypting information delivered across a secured communication channel. It also supports SSH for remotely logging in to a secured computer on the internet. The application is easy to use and it has a very intuitive interface compared to other file transfer protocol applications.

Message Logs and More

FileZilla contains features like the message logs, site manger, transfer queue and folder and file view on the main window. A user is allowed to make a list of FTP sites to connect to as well as their port numbers and protocol to be used. The message log displays the sent commands by FileZilla and server’s responses to these commands.

Graphical Interface

The file and folder view is a graphical interface that replaces the common command-based interface common in most FTP applications. This interface allows users to view, navigate and alter folder contents on both the local and the remote computers in a Windows Explorer style. Files can be dragged and dropped between the remote and local computers eliminating the file transfer commands. The transfer queue keeps a real-time analysis of file transfer activity on the bottom of the window.

Server Version

The server version of FileZilla has many functionalities some of which include limitations on download and upload bandwidths, compression support and encryption capabilities. The administrator is able to view logged-in users and has the option of killing or banning their IP addresses. At the same time he keeps a real-time view of active files being uploaded or downloaded to or from the server.

Administrator Functions

An administrator is even able to limit external or internal LAN or internet traffic giving it more advanced security features. Recent changes to FileZilla have seen improvements in how the application uses the available memory and the old code has been re-written leading to improved security. The ability of FileZilla to run on virtually all platforms has made it popular among administrators and remote users, a trend which is likely to continue.

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