An Overview of Cyberduck: An Open Source FTP Client

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Cyberduck is the open source multi lingual interface that uses file transfer protocol (FTP), secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) and WebDAV for browsing. Web browsers using Cyberduck are licensed by GPL and have the privileges of an easily accessible user interface, interaction with outside editors and technical support for some of the Macintosh technology. With cyberlink, users can customize the language they want to use on the system. The languages available from this interface are English, French, Deutsch, Italian, Nederland, Suomi, Spanish, Portuguese, Polski and Indonesian among others.

Cyberduck was developed by David V. Kocher and is a document based software which has utilities such as cut, paste, copy, drag and drop among others. Mac users who can then enjoy the superior services such as file synchronization and transfer that the software offers can download the software at no cost. The software also has bookmark managers which support Macintosh’s operating system Bonjour and Keychain networking facilities.

Notifications for this software are delivered to users via Growl (a Mac notification system that issues software updates globally). Growl displays notifications consistently and gives users the option of picking what they deem important. As developments occur in the information technology circles, Cyberduck has improved the software and as a result, different versions of the software are now available for the Macintosh users. The most recent version is available from the Cyberduck website and can be downloaded as long as the user meets the required system requirements.

The software can also be used to transfer files via the users web account. Under this, one needs to enter their FTP settings and connect it to the internet. Once this is done, then the user is able to manage file as he/she wishes on the computer by locating the file and dragging them into the FTP window. Being a free software, Cyberduck gives users the freedom to use, study, modify, improve, share and copy the software. However, the developers encourage people who find it useful to make donations to the cause in order to ensure that more research is done to make the software competitive in the fast developing software market.

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