For Beginners: Adding Blogs and Web Content to Your Site

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The beginner web designer can often feel overwhelmed when thinking about competing with those big and successful websites out there. The great thing to remember is that your website can be successful as long as it attracts traffic and accomplishes the goals you’ve set out for it. It takes time and effort, but with a little hard work and savvy, it can be done! Adding a blog and good web content are two ways to keep your website fresh and alive, attracting traffic along the way.

If you’re using a program that writes the code for you, don’t be ashamed. Many a web designer does just that. Using Dreamweaver, Frontpage and other programs, many great sites have been created. In the same line of thinking, adding a blog to your site using can work wonders as well. Some beginner web designers maintain a website and a blog, linking the blog to the website. Other web designers include a blog page within their website, keeping it all into one.

If you do add a link to your blog on another channel, be sure to make it a separate window so that visitors aren’t leaving your main site. Anytime you use links, make sure they open into a new window. Keeping your visitors on your main site is very important.

Writing interesting, fresh topics daily can keep your visitors coming back. Web content should include related topics to your business, service or product. Even if you’re not selling anything, but want people to read your work, or simply visit your site, be sure to use keyword-generated content. SEO works to bring traffic as it optimizes your site and gets you noticed.

A good blog as well as good web content uses active language, interesting facts, humor, and quick load photos where appropriate. Your blog can be specific to a certain topic or general to include a variety of intriguing subjects unrelated to your business, but still good enough to keep your audience coming back for more.

If you’re not a writer, hire a writer to create a series of 20 or more content articles for your site. Run these new articles two or three times a week and always keep your website fresh with information, articles, photos and tidbits and facts that will interest your readers.