Top 10 Best About Us Pages: Get Ideas From These Top Sites

Top 10 Best About Us Pages: Get Ideas From These Top Sites
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In the effort to display the company’s products and services in the best possible manner, the About Us page usually becomes one of the most overlooked pages when developing a website. This is a fatal mistake, for most people turn to the About Us page to learn more about the company they plan to do business with.

The “About Us” page provides a good opportunity to attract customers and gain trust, as validated by studies that attest the conversion rate of visitors to the best About Us pages increasing measurably. A poorly constructed About Us page, with cold and impersonal descriptions, leaves the impression of just another faceless website amongst a sea of other websites.


The About Us page content needs to incorporate:

  • basic information about the organization such as the business the company engages in, the mission, vision, values, and other details
  • company overview including a brief history, the story behind the company, who started the company, the circumstances, and the background
  • key team members with biographies
  • USP or what makes the company special
  • company news and newsletters
  • link to investors page that contains annual reports
  • contact details including physical address and email address
  • legal information, including the people responsible for the website contents
  • links to company profiles in social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and blogs
  • membership in trade guilds and association
  • valuable customer testimonials and accolades and awards received

As the adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and it’s common to spruce up web pages with the help of photos and other images. Similar is the case with About Us pages.

The information in the About Us page need frequent updating.

The best practice is to provide a link to the About Us page from the menu bar appearing on all pages or from the home page and all entry points of the website. The About Us page likewise needs links to various supporting pages or sections of the website, and prominent exist on the business section of the website.

Top 10 List

Ten of the best about us pages, which incorporate all the features and elements mentioned above belong to the following websites:

**Alex Arts**, a portfolio of the graphic designer Alexey Abramov stands out for its innovative and eye catching design through a combination of simple and pleasant graphics, typography, and pop up boxes.
  1. Basmamiq, a software development company, which retains the personal touch while still dealing with the information in a professional and business-like way.
  2. Coca Cola, which has a comprehensive About Us section with sub-sections on company news, mission, vision and values, the Coca Cola system, people, leadership, innovation, company history, and company reports.
  3. Nike, which expresses the company’s passion in a story form.
  4. Indiebride, which explains the reason for starting the business and what the business proposes to achieve as a story.
  5. Mother Earth Brewing showcases the business in a lucid story.
  6. Crush + Lovely creative strategists and content makers, for their innovative approach and ability to showcase the limited information in the best possible manner.
  7. Fishing Cactus, a game development company, which again uses a eye catching design and an innovative presentation style to make optimal use of the information in hand.
  8. FreshBooks, a business support service, noted for its neat organization and topical presentation of comprehensive information
  9. Among government sites, the About Us page of the US Department of Labor stands out for depth of information and a semblance of human touch.

All the above pages make good examples of an About Us page with a soul and a personal touch that welcomes people, instead of merely providing information

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