Web Designs With Staying Power

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Like most things in life, trends come and go; web design trends are no different. Over the years, web design has changed immensely and it only seems to be getting better with advanced technology. Knowing what these web design trends are will keep your web site up to par with some of the most successful ones on the Internet.

  • Search Engine Optimization

Search engines have found a way to help web site owners get their web pages ranked higher on a search results page, search engine optimization. What does this mean to web design? It means you will need to incorporate relevant keywords to your site that people are typing in search engines. This means that your homepage must have text and all web pages must follow suit with the keywords.

  • Videos

It seems like no matter which web site you visit, there is a video of some sort on it. It could be a personal video of the owner of the online business or a YouTube video that complements the site. The reason why this has become so popular is that people are visual and would rather listen to someone give information than take time to read it.

  • Flash elements

Web sites are no longer boring and plain. You can now use flash elements to have animation and attractive movement on your web pages. You can set the tone of your whole web site with a flash intro to your online business.

  • Blogs

One of the biggest sensations right now is a blog. You can include a blog on your website or create a separate one. You can find blogs on virtually any topic. Many are making money from blogging and others are using it to attract traffic to their web site.

  • Polls

People love to take polls because it gives them a chance to share their experience and opinions. They also like to see the results of the poll so they know how their answers measure up. Many sites implement this interactive web design feature to attract people and community on their web site.

  • Color options

Lately, the most popular web design trend when it comes to colors is a dark background with colorful objects on top of it. This way people don’t just see the background but instead, the information.

  • Web site characters

People are coming up with cartoon looking characters to use on their web site. It’s a way to make their web site stand out from the rest and give people something to relate to when looking for a web site. Many people will remember a funny character and return to a site because of it.

  • Web graphics

Drip, floral and swirls are three of the main web graphics people are using in headers and background of their sites.

It’s difficult to say how long these web design trends will last.  The ones that can easily change such as colors, the use of web site characters, web graphics are usually trends that will change quickly.  The videos, blogs, polls, flash elements, and search engine optimization are some the things that will only get better with time but the basic function will remain the same.