How to Make a Web Poll for Your Website

How to Make a Web Poll for Your Website
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Web Polls for Your Site

Adding a web poll to your website is a great way to get feedback from your users as well as test how many people would respond to such things. You could present any kind of question and give several choices, then see how the responses go after a few days. Mainstream news sites regularly poll their visitors with questions about politics, court case outcomes, current events, and more. The ultimate purpose of polling your users is to gauge the audience. If you’ve ever wondered how to make a web poll for your own site, in the sections below you will find several different options.

Web Poll Code

If you want to be hardcore about it, you can create your own custom poll yourself and run all the code on your own website. This requires a lot more know-how, but many people often prefer to keep this sort of information gather in-house in order to ensure maximum reliability.

You can make your own HTML web poll, though you still need to put it on a server that can process form data. This article will help get you started making your own custom polls, but it is geared more toward advanced web developers.

For an even more custom approach using PHP and MySQL where you host everything on your own site and don’t rely on outside scripts, check out this detailed article from on adding a poll to your web site.

How to Make a Web Poll for Free

** Example**If you are looking for something simple and easy, the following sites offer free services for creating and adding polls to your website: - PollDaddy is a great site for setting up a free web poll, plus they have premium services for more commercial sites. They have a simple to use web-based interface that allows you to quickly create a poll with up to ten questions. Be sure to read this detailed review of for more information. - This free poll service lets you create single question polls with multiple answers. You do have to provide an email address to use it, so you should get a free web-based account like Hotmail or Gmail for such services. Once you have created your poll, the site gives you the Javascript code snippet to drop anywhere on your site and then do all the work for you. It’s very simple to use and offers some color options to fit the look of your site. - I found this fairly barebones site to be another nice option for making free web polls. You have to create a login for it, but then you can track all your different polls. It offers a simple interface for creating your poll, the option to change the look and feel of the poll as it displays on your website, and they have anti-cheat options, too. Once your poll is done, just drop the provided code in place and you’re ready to go. (Image credit:

If you really want to boost interactivity on your site, you may consider adding a web forum of some kind so people can respond with feedback for your content.