Program Language - Top 4 Coding Languages

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Websites are an intricate maze of letters, numbers and codes. When a normal, everyday Joe looks at a website file they see something similar to the Matrix. The web developer, however, sees the forms and functions of the website end product.

The program language of the web developer uses to create a website will depend upon many things. What will the website be used for? How large is the memory system holding the files? Does the website need to run quickly or can a lag be acceptable? Each of these questions must be answered before the coding program language is chosen.

The Codes

There are four key coding program languages used in the creation of a website. These prgroam languages are known as C++, Visual Basic, pHp and Java.


The newest program language to the world of web development is pHp. The world of web development was redefined when pHp was introduced. This friendly coding language is accepted by nearly every style of database, programming is quick and easy and web applications can be added in the blink of an eye.


C++ is by far the fastest of all coding program languages. The rendered file sizes are tiny in comparison to other coding languages and the speed cannot be beat. C++ dates back to 1979, enhancing the C programming language. The most common usage for C++ includes programming device drivers, embedded software applications and entertainment software applications.

Visual Basic

What C++ offers the programmers in speed, Visual Basic (VB) offers in functionality. VB is coded in layers that are rock steady which means far fewer hours spent reprogramming certain files, but also requires a huge memory to process. VB is best utilized in the business realm for application processing in a setting where speed is not needed.


Java is a unique coding program language that is ideal for projects requiring multiple programmers working simultaneously. Java can hold large amounts of code within separate compartments and run functionally perfect. These compartments makes it easy for the programmer to make changes to the current files and even add future changes before they need to go live. Java is a slower coding language due to the layers used to reach the end product.

The Best Code for the Web

If programming for the web, pHp is by far the best choice. The program language was created just for the web and offers the programmers more tricks than any other language. The interface is ideal for Internet security measures and it works seamlessly with other forms of code.